13 May 2008

Babysitting Reese, painting stairs, and a new obession

I decided to try out another baby. LOL. A good friend in my ward, Michelle, just had a little girl 3 months ago. She went back to work when the baby was 8 weeks old and put in her two weeks notice. Her work pressured her into staying a total of 6 weeks in order to train a replacement. Michelle asked me to watch her daughter Reese on Monday for a half the day. She decided to place Reese in daycare but was having trouble finding a someone she felt comfortable with. Bottom line...I volunteered to watch Reese off and on for the next 3 weeks! She is a really good baby. Amelia really put me through the so-called ringer so Reese (who eats, plays, naps, etc like clockwork) is an angel. I had fun taking some pictures of Reese for practice. She is a cutie!!

Like a nerd-bonker I volunteered to paint my neighbor's outdoor stairs for $50. I spent the entire morning and an hour this evening painting. Problem I only paint about 1/4 of the stairs. Right about now I want to burn the stairs and install elevators. We pay enough HOA dues that they should paint our stairs for us!! Next house will have no wood or stairs. Was that an overstatement? Guess you will have to wait and see until we buy a new(er) home.
My new obession came like a strike of lightening during sacrament meeting. My friend Catherine's little baby was wearing the stinkin' cutest eyelet bonnet I've ever seen. I bought a pattern for one, and picked up some supplies I don't have (like piping, and eyelet gathered lace). My goal for the rest of the week will be to make a bonnet...or 5. It may take me 5 tries to get a decent result. My sewing abilities are sketchy at best.