28 January 2012

Score! Missed...

I think this week we are finally feeling and acting more normal. Amelia is doing so much better with her whining. I outlawed the words "I can't" on Wednesday. They are almost like swear words now. I hate hearing Amelia respond to a request with "I CAAAAAN'TTTT!" My first response is to say "Honey you can! You can!" It almost hurts me to hear her respond with so little confidence. We've had an ongoing dialogue since Wednesday about what she can say besides "I can't." She responds quite well to a little love with her medicine. Phillip needs a little physical reminder when asked to do something. My mom told me boys need a physical touch to spark obedience. Through experience I find that very true. Even if I just touch his shoulder and make eye contact he will listen and obey. Plus having a couple more months under his belt of growing and expanding his speech skills help. Wow, that was a tangent! LOL.

Everett loves his new high chair. He is constantly squealing as he watches me cook, clean, and such. The kids are often around me so Everett has constant entertainment. Amelia shares her toys with him. Both kids love to play peek-a-boo from under the table with him. I can also swivel his seat around so he can watch the fish.

Phillip finally jumped out of his crib on Wednesday. I love stealing peeks into his room as he settles down for a nap. He reminds me of a doggie getting his nest ready for the night. He circles around, arranges the blankets, talks with his monkey, plays with his crib light, and yammers on as he reads a book. I know he is almost ready to fall asleep because I hear a thump on the ceiling when he chucks his book overboard. Wednesday I heard the book thump then 3 minutes later a much louder thump followed by wailing. Found him on the floor, just fine but with a bruised ego. Put him back in the crib and he went to sleep. So far he has not tried to get out again. I am very surprised it took him this long to attempt an escape. Another funny story: most mornings after I remove his nighttime diaper he wants to use the potty. He went into the bathroom solo this morning while I changed Everett. I heard the normal scuffling like the step stool, the elmo potty seat, and him trying to take a seat. He came back a few minutes later like most mornings. I got him dressed an thought nothing of it. He's never peed before while on the potty. This morning he totally scored the pee part but missed the target. He must've sat with his legs squashed together causing his pee to shoot in a nice little arc right on top of the step stool. I can just imagine it. He showed me his yucky face and helped me clean up the piddle. I really want him to sit backwards on the seat but he absolutely refuses. Maybe he will potty train himself!

Justin is catching my nasty sinus junk. Poor guy. At least he is not crunching for year end accounting until odd hours in the evening. He kicked in a lot of help after my comments on the lack of house help. I really, really, really appreciate the little things and the big chores he helped me with. I am teaching a 5th Sunday class with Sherrie 3rd hour of church this Sunday. We have a temporary calling as ward profile specialists. Our duty is to help our ward get signed up with profiles on LDS.org, upload photos to their profiles, and learn how to use the directory, calendar, and how to navigate around the website. There is a lot of amazing information, activities, videos, etc on LDS.org. The church is putting forth quite a bit of effort into making the gospel readily available on the internet.

I updated *some* videos on my YouTube account. Check them out! Click me.

Flash Update: Everett sprouted his first tooth yesterday! Bottom left...only 31 more to go.