17 December 2009

Santy Claus is Comin' to Town

Here are the Santa pictures from Saturday. The one from Cabela's is my favorite. Her mouth stuffed full of candy cane and pondering the joys of Christmas. I would say what Amelia wants for Christmas but honestly I have NO idea. She'd be happy just to open boxes. I worked all day today cleaning the upper floor. It took me all day long just to deep clean a couple rooms. Geesh! Amelia invited Ella over to play this morning. Usually when the girls "play" I spend more time separating them than getting things done. This time was completely different. Mia greeted Ella wearing her fairy costume, giving her a huge hug. Then she exclaimed, "Ella needs to share!" After her little declaration the pair disappeared to play nicely in her room and the basement. It was the best play date ever. I am including a couple links to recent videos. One is of Phillip laughing at me being silly. Melts my little heart.

Kickin' the monster's bum
Mirror Buddy
Wishing for School
Pleased to Meet You
Bouncy Seat Kicks
Crazy Stair Descent
Toddler Phone Conversation
Braving the Pool
Bag Balm Incident 2009
Phillip Laughs