19 October 2012

Reign of the Rhinos


Our week started out pretty normal. I had a little photo session with a 3 year old girl. She was one serious cookie, I like the serious look. Phillip was really interested in playing with Avery since they often play together at the store Avery's mom owns. I helped out Kelly Tuesday morning with a newborn session. Justin was home for a consultation over Skype. We enjoyed the mild weather with a lot of time outside. The kids enjoyed collecting leaves and making the leaves fall from our tree with brooms. Tuesday evening Phillip woke up around midnight with a terrible whooping/snorting/snuffing cough. I was convinced he caught whooping cough. We spent a fun night together trying to sleep through the coughing and shortage of breath. Poor kid could hardly draw a proper breath. He fell into an exhausted sleep around 5 am. Just as I dropped off to sleep Amelia woke up barfing all over her rug, thank goodness she did not throw up on her bed. By the time she got cleaned up and settled it was 6 am! Phillip slept until I woke him for a trip to the Dr office. Amelia decided her tummy felt fine so she ate a banana. Right before we walked out of the door she barfed into the garbage can. Phillip watched her with the most intense stare. Soon he was spitting on the floor while she tossed her cookies. Shoot! That made my long night and day filled with a little humor. The Dr said Phillip could not possibly have Whooping Cough. He sounded clear as a bell and looked amazing. Grrrrrr. I spent a frustrating day with two cranky kids and a whiny baby.

Everett caught the cough Tuesday night. I spent the night taking Phillip and Everett out into the freezing cold 30-40 mph wind to shrink their lung tissues so they could breathe. We shivered in the cold about 6 times. I was so cold! We made it through the night. Everett is now constantly choking and coughing to breathe. He will turn red, try to cry, then cough, then sob because it all hurts so badly. Makes me so sad to see my kids suffering. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the boys and I just snuggled and recuperated. I hope they get better soon. I feel like we are surrounded with a herd of snorting rhinos.