28 July 2011

Day with the Calls

Monday we traveled up to visit with the Call family at Charity's home. Mom is visiting in Utah for quite sometime this summer. She leaves next week on Thursday. We met everyone at the pool for a little swim. The weather actually turned a bit cool in preparation for a rain storm. Justin went out to get Del Taco for the crew. He got several complaints about his order of 35 chicken soft tacos, two hard tacos, five burritos, and one spicy chicken burrito. The manager gave Justin a card so order ahead next time. One lady asked if she could just have three of his tacos and go. We had quite the crew present. I was so tired I zoned out while nursing the baby. Melissa gave a funny diatribe about her husband's side of the family while I zoned in and out of consciousness. Mason let Phillip pet and love on his hamster. He is learning to be so gentle! I love those kisses!
We packed up our stuff and headed to John and Courtenay's home for dinner. They have a huge, amazing, gorgeous townhome in Eagle Mountain. Courtenay's been busy decorating and putting her new home together. This change is a long time coming for them after almost 4 years in limbo. Needless to say, both John and Court are so excited to have their own digs. Everett showed us around his toys. He is one cute little dude. Phillip snagged a handful for Courtenay's perfume lotion while I showed Amelia the bathroom. He smelled lovely. Courtenay made tomato pesto, chicken, corn and cucumber salad for dinner. Wow, it was delicious. We all drove the five minutes over to James and Miekka's home for FHE. Holy house and a half. James and Miekka really "lucked" out with their home. It is luxury around every corner. We finally got a taste of playdough ice cream made by Farr ice cream. Yummy.
Justin got his stuff all packed and separated for his flight home before we crashed for the night. The Lances are great hosts. We are having a blast with the cousins. James dropped off Justin at the Provo airport for his flight to Denver on his way to work around 8:15. His flight left at 10 am, he did not get home until around 6 pm. That is a long day for such a short flight. Most of the day was spent waiting for the shuttle. We forgot to prepare Amelia that Justin was going home. She moped around for several hours missing Justin.

I dropped off my 7d Canon and Dad's Canon at a camera repair shop for deep cleaning of the sensor and insides. The kids and I drove to our old neighborhood and spent a couple minutes visiting with our old neighbors, Lucky and Brittany. Lucky swore with excitement when he saw we had two more kids since the last time we met. He also has a new grandson to watch! Then we spent the afternoon with my amazing friend Catherine and her kids. Amelia's Kate friend celebrated her fourth birthday with us. We had lunch at Chik-fil-a. Catherine had coupons for Bounce-Around-Utah through Groupon. The kids were like wild animals jumping around the facility. It was sticky HOT and humid. I normally don't sweat a whole lot, but I was sweating yesterday. Catherine and I enjoyed catching up while we wrasseled the animals. My kids were super tired and cranky. Phillip fell asleep within 30 seconds of being buckled up. Everyone had a quiet evening just relaxing and going to bed early.

27 July 2011

Two Months Old

Everett turned 2 months old yesterday! I can hardly believe it. He is growing so fast. This evening he almost laughed at me shaking my hair around. He naps really well. So far he sleeps well at night only waking me up around 4:30 with gas, I usually nurse him just because I am awake. He is my first baby that does not spit up a ton. He does have cry time for almost an hour every night. Other than that he does not cry much! Phillip loves to give him sweet kisses...then bonk his head. Lately, he is becoming more aware of his surroundings. He definitely knows his core family, proven with his numerous smiles. Yesterday he grinned so big I could see both cheek dimples.

Since many of our family members were in town we decided to bless Everett on Sunday at my parent's home. The bishop conducted the meeting. Present were: James family, Raquel, Emma, Elijah, Parry's, Diana Call, James Lance Family, Jana, John Lance family, Lane/Debbie/Jeremy/Jared, Laura & Matt Pettit, Logan & Anne Pettit, Christy Delgado, Darcy Delgado, Sarah & Kenna Johnson, & Catherine Taylor. I think that is everyone! Justin, Lane, James, John, Kenny, & Jonathon stood in the circle to bless him. Justin gave a very sweet blessing. The blessing that stuck out the most was that Everett would remember his namesake. He was blessed to be a good example to his siblings, to be baptized, serve a mission, marry in the temple, and etc. The spirit was sweet and warm during the blessing. I was struck by the unity that birth and death bring to a family. I am so grateful to have reason to be with family.

After the blessing we dug into delicious summer salads everyone brought accompanied by rolls and cookies. I made Limeade in honor of my pregnancy cravings. Yum! Once everyone left we had a little family meeting about our family Pioneers in honor of Pioneer Day. I especially enjoyed hearing the Baerwaldt's conversion story. We are a family of pioneers! Love that our heritage helps us look forward with faith. We tried to get some family photos done. Love the results! So typical of trying to wrangle 3 kids and a husband into cooperation. That's how we roll.

Grandpa's Funeral


We made the long journey to Utah all in one piece and in pretty good time. We left home at 4 am and arrived halfway by 8 am. Justin suggested we stop in Evanston for lunch and to explore. The kids had a great time exploring the historic section. The city restored an old train station and parkway that the kids ran around. Everett did great! I nursed him twice while Justin drove (yikes, but saved us about 2 plus hours). We stopped in Ogden to play with the cousants there. Melissa let us borrow her pack and play for a couple nights. Charity, Grandma Call and company were all there too. Reagan made Amelia the cutest welcome packet. She decorated a purple envelope and stuffed it with shells, plastic string, and boomdoggles. Raquel and Scot were very hospitable to host us for the night in Smithfield. Emma and Elijah showed us around their favorite park. Phillip was immediately drawn to the fast moving creek. He ended up with five huge mosquito bites on his face. We all went to look at the creek before leaving. Emma lost one of her flip flops in the water. She tried to save the shoe and almost ended up drowning. The look of sheer terror as the water swept her downstream a couple yards will stick with me for some time. The kids played and played!

I spent Friday morning getting everyone ready for the funeral and making a Walmart trip. Mom asked me to print and frame the photo in my previous post of Grandpa. It was an honor! We got to the church around noon for the viewing. Amelia thought that seeing Grandpa in his nice white bed was super neat. The gathering of folks was pretty amazing. I saw family there I have not seen in 15 years or more. Phillip was crabby from a nap and Everett was hungry again so I did not get to mingle as much. Amelia and Phillip were totally hyped up on goof balls during the funeral. Justin and I took turns with them outside. Little stinkers. From what I did get to hear the eulogy and talks were very uplifting. My dad's comments were especially revealing because I did not remember that they had worked together closely for several years, my grandpa inspiring my dad to go into construction. Grandpa was a hard worker all his life. He lived a difficult childhood but pulled up his bootstraps and became an inspiration. That he joined the church after no religious up bringing was a miracle!

The graveside service was touching as the local National Guard paid him honors. It was inspiring to see all my brothers and some cousins take part as pall bearers and escorts. I loved the tenderness the guardsmen folded the flag and presented it to my Grandma. She is doing well in spite of the long stressful week. The militia gave a gun salute at the end of the service. Grandma's ward provided a luncheon for immediate family. I enjoyed mingling a bit with all the family present. It seemed we all stayed within each family unit, in comfort zones. Still the gathering was warm and friendly. The emotion of family brought us all together.

After the funeral we packed up our stuff at Raquel's then headed down to Taylorsville. It is stressful changing locations with all the crap, er stuff, we have. The kids were sooooo cranky. Phillip insists on getting up with the sun regardless of when he went to bed. Saturday Dad, Jana, John, Courtenay, little Everett, Jeremy, and Jared all went on a hike up to Lake Blanche. The rest of us stayed at home relaxing. Mom went back up to Wellsville for a longer visit with Kink and Nancy (Grandpa's brother and wife). I wanted to make a Costco run and ended up waking Courtenay and Everett Lance from their nap. The bad part? We changed our mind due to the time and so had a cranky Court and Everett. Sorry dudes!

Dinner was, well, interesting. I could not find the baby's binky to begin. Then Phillip put his applesauce in a precarious location and ended up in the baby's carseat. It was a madhouse between hungry kids waiting for dinner. That will make us laugh in a couple weeks! The guys all went to see Captain America. At mom's home Miekka watched the kids while I made a walmart trip to get supplies for Everett's blessing party. Once at home the kids actually got bathed and settled down to watch a movie waiting for the guys to get home. Phew! Busy, busy.

19 July 2011

Everett Lewis Baerwaldt 1927-2011


My wonderful grandfather passed away Tuesday evening after suffering a massive stroke last Wednesday. He spent the last 6 days struggling with his hospitalization, his body recovered but his mind was not present. Mom reported that his wrists were all bloodied from struggling against the restraints trying to pull out the IV and other monitors. Grandma and her children decided to remove Grandpa from the restraints and allow him to rest in hospice care instead of intensive care. He passed quietly away a couple hours later surrounded by his wife and three of their 6 children.

When I returned from my mission in 2000 I decided to attend graduate school. I was accepted to many prestigious universities but ultimately decided to attend USU in Logan so I could live with my grandparents. My intent was to attend school and save money by living with them and trading rent for cleaning, cooking, and support for my aging grandparents. Little did I know that their love and support would change my life instead. I have so many memories floating around in my head the past couple days. Most of them so deliciously happy I cannot help but laugh and smile. I will miss my grandpa dearly. I inherited his smile, had I not lived with them I would've never noticed. Here are a couple precious memories:

*Grandpa giving me the phone bill highlighted in yellow with all the long-distance calls I supposedly made. It was a treat to argue with him over mysterious calls I never made.

*Listening to Grandpa and Grandma argue. My favorite: Grandma, "Bubs, will you please (do something which I forgot)" Grandpa, "Woman what do you want me to do? Stand on my head and shoot bb's out my butt?"

*Grandma yelling from the porch for Everett to not mow over her precious lilac bush. Grandpa glancing over from his perch on the tractor pulling a huge mower, getting a gleam in his eye, gassing the tractor and mowing right over that lilac. Then grandma taking his credit card and buying the biggest bush she could find.

*Snuggling on Grandpa's lap talking about my day and asking him to pop out his fake teeth just for kicks.

*Going on a diet. He'd sit on the recumbent bike, slowly pedaling and eating a slim fast shake, cookies, and summer sausage

*Him telling me the best cure for any ailment is ice cream. We'd eat ice cream together and sit on the front porch watching the sunset and licking out of our melting ice cream.

*Grandpa continuously puttering around the backyard and garage melding various objects together trying to fix one thing or another. Many times he failed but he succeeded just as often. He helped me with my car changing the brakes, oil, tires, and such. I get a laugh out each time I view the shed he made from old pallets. His creativity with engines, electricity, and such was awe-inspiring. 

Grandpa...I wish you could meet my new little Everett. He is so sweet and amazing just like you. I named him after you because one day he will grow up knowing what a great Grandfather you were. I hope that one day Everett will pray just like you. No one I know can offer a prayer like my Grandpa Baerwaldt. You always brought tears to my eyes with your tender prayers. I love you, Bubs!

My dingleheimers


Take two. Wanted cute photos of the kids in their fabulous (and meticulously made) shirts. Cooperation? Nah, it was another circus. The lollipop for Phillip helped. I am always amazed when reviewing photos to find that the sessions I hated most still have amazing photos. I love how the evening light caught the kid's eyes and made them super sparkle. What a handsome bunch.

We had a better day. Phillip was not so wild today. Neleigh came over at 11 and spent the day with us. She ran the kids down for me and let me go to Walmart by myself during nap time. That alone was heaven. We are leaving for Utah on Thursday morning for my Grandpa's funeral on Friday. I plan on being gone for about 2 weeks. Now instead of Justin's sisters visiting we are going out there. Plans change quick at times. We went to the pool with Neleigh in tow. Phillip was amazing this time! He had the floatie ring AND arm floaties on, he did not get close to drowning this session. Last night we extended the rubber mulch play area to the edge of the house, giving the sand box a little more room. Love it! I picked about half a bushel of green beans today! Yipee!!!

17 July 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Gotta love them! It was hot, hOT, HOT! today. Still the kids and I went outside before dinner just to bask in the shade of our lovely tree. Amelia looked so gorgeous to me in her teal and green dress that my camera was in hand before you could say "photo." I had her pose on my garden box to show how tall my tomatoes are growing. The LOVE this hot weather. We are eating a ton of chard, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and some beets. Hurry up tomatoes! Everett is doing much better holding up his head. He is quite the talker now. This afternoon was one of those stolen moments that makes life a heaven on Earth.

**Phillip went on a rampage after Miekka left. He pooped on the carpet: sneakily removed his diaper and pooped when he was only a couple feet away, his bum was hidden by the couch. Then he climbed onto the butcher block and stuffed my microwave with sprinkle bottles, smeared shortening everywhere, and ate an entire package of gum. That feat took about 3 minutes, while I nursed the baby then realized it was rather quiet. He is lightening fast and super determined.

15 July 2011

Chimney Rock: Heat Wave


Oh my....it was sweltering yesterday. Course that was the day we chose to visit Chimney Rock, a location with no shade and rattlesnakes. I normally don't sweat but yesterday I was sticky, yucky. Nursing a baby in the heat is also no fun. The kids had a blast checking out the old pioneer cemetery and enjoying the view from the outlook area. Amelia was intent on having a picnic on top of Chimney Rock. She was not happy when we did not hike out there and use our cat claws to climb to the top of the rock. I could not believe the clear blue sky.

The kids had a blast in the museum filling the hand cart with items the Pioneers put in their wagons. They loaded and unloaded the cart several times. We drove up to Bayard to find shade and a park for our picnic. A nice large chocolate lab decided to join us for lunch. Seth was not so happy about that. The other kids were still a little shy of the dog's size but made friends with him. We did not stay long! Traveling and nursing baby equals lots of stopping.

It was super hot and humid, just perfect for swimming in the sideyard. I set up the slip and slide as well. The kids enjoyed playing in the water. We BBQ'd some chicken for dinner. While I was tending the chicken little Everett gave me some cute alert smiles and cooing noises.

Holy soaker of a storm hit us around 8:30 pm. Miekka counted 38 strikes of lightening in one minute! A couple of the thunder booms popped me right off my feet the reverberations were so strong. We had a little flooding in front of our home. The kids enjoyed watching our crazy Nebraska weather.

My Grandpa Everett Baerwaldt suffered a major stroke on Thursday. The week before he suffered a minor stroke but seemed to recover from that one. He was life-flighted down to UofU NCCU ward shortly after the second stroke. He is not doing well as of this morning. Last night his bowels started to shut down and has some bleeding on his brain. We are praying for him to pass on quickly and as painlessly as possible. He lived a full and marvelous life.