06 November 2011



Rice Cereal

Started da boy on some rice cereal Friday night. He was not so sure if rice cereal is delicious or not. The first three bites he tolerated then came the shivers, shudders, and sqinchy faces. Amelia thought it was super fun to feed him! It is hard to let go and start my babies on solids...means the weaning starts and my newborn is not so little.

Fall Snow

I do love snow in the autumn...because it snows then melts! You get the beauty and excitement of first snows but then it melts and you still can enjoy the autumn color and splendor. We had another such snow on Wednesday. Justin went out on a walk Tuesday night when the snow started...it was snowing pretty hard. By morning the snow collected to 4-6 inches. It was so gorgeous! Preschool cancelled so the kids and I headed outside to enjoy the snow. Phillip loved the snow this year...except when he fell down and could not get up. I first put him in his snow pants from last year. They were so tight and stiff he could barely walk. Luckily, I remembered Seth handed down his old snow suit that fit perfectly. He grabbed Justin's grumpy hat from Disneyland to complete his ensemble. Amelia was mobilized by Phillip's enthusiasm and soon donned her snow gear. All the little portraits of beauty in just our yard alone was enough to bring a smile, add in the kid's reactions for an especially fun morning. I could not get enough of the pretty yellow leaves on the white snow! We played for an hour. Then had the kids grab snow in a bowl to make snow cones. I usually just sprinkle a packet of drink mix over a bowl of snow for a yummy snow treat. The kids looked like vampires after a meal once they ate four huge bowls of red snow.

The snow was mostly melted away by Friday. I have a new piano student starting on Tuesday. Someone gave my name and phone number to the 3rd-4th grade school music teacher. About 20 folks called me in the past couple weeks wanted piano lessons. I could not say no to this particular little girl and mother. Maybe after the New Year I will add more students again. I made a fun mess in my craft room making more flowers. Amelia loves to help me craft while the boys nap.

When Amelia goes to preschool I started having a special learning time with Phillip. This week we learned about fish. He wants to get into the fish tank more than anything. So I made him his own little aquarium with water, tub toys, rocks, an aquarium plant, and net. He was in heaven playing with the set up for over an hour. When he tired of just the water I added in a sponge, then some tongs, and lastly some fish food. He loves our special time.