29 December 2013

Evelyn is 4 Months Old

Evelyn turned 4 months old on Friday. She pulled out some new tricks in the past month.
*can giggle/laugh
*rolls on side and sticks legs out, grabs feet and toes
*grasps objects, reaches out for items
*plays with her ears and hair
*slobbers on her hands and fingers
*smiles when she sees or hears us
*bats and toys under her playmat
*can stand
*still not lifting head much off the ground
Tomorrow is her 4 mth well-baby checkup. I am excited to see how much she weighs and has grown. We love to snuggle her and kiss her soft tummy. She is close to laughing at us when tickled. I play pat-a-cake with her. Lately she is responding the song when I don't do the actions with her. She is the most content and laid-back baby we've had yet. In the past couple days she becomes distracted while nursing. Yep, hurts! 

Christmas Day



Christmas was epic this year. The kids are a little bit older and caught onto Christmas excitement. The kids are also young enough that they are not getting up in the middle of the night. Amelia woke the kids up at 7:30! I herded the kids into their room and showed them their stockings filled with goodies. They were in the middle of opening some of the wrapped items when Phillip's face suddenly light up. He jumped up and tore off screaming into the living room! My Octopod!! Santa bring my Octopod!! He was lightening fast! Justin and I burst out laughing thinking through Phillip's thought process: "sleepy...open stocking...wait!...there are gifts in my stocking....holy flip Batman, Santa came...must go see!!" Christmas morning was everything we hoped for: Pjs all day, opening gifts, playing with gifts, heaps of boxes, paper, tape stuck to our socks, glitter and balloons strewn from heck to breakfast. Amelia dished out hug after hug as she read the gift labels and found her gifts. Justin made the Call traditional breakfast of sausages and pop tarts with some eggs and chocolate milk added to the mix. The best part was showing the kids the bounce house in the basement. Talk about shock! They were so, so excited. Off and on all day the dull roar of the blower fan rumbled in the house. We enjoyed talking with Elder Lance, the Lance family, the Call family, and others throughout the day. Everett was in seventh heaven sporting his new Red Power Ranger outfit. It came with a little gun. We added a power sword and morpher with lots of character cards. I wish his cuteness could be bottled up! Evelyn showed off her newest trick, which included rolling on her side and playing with her ear/hair using her right hand and sucking on her left fist. So adorbs. My favorite gift Phillip got was a Flipeez hat, he can squeeze a bulb in the hat that flaps the hat ears. Oh my! He loved it! The boys got a microphone for Amelia. She sang Frozen songs around the house with her Elsa and Anna dolls. I made a pork loin with green beans and pretzel rolls for dinner. Simple and easy. Merry Christmas!

Justin was quite forgiving of me this year. I did not get him any gifts. Usually he emails me a list but I did not prompt him this year. I figured we just got clothes in Utah during our visit. I got some new pants and boots. He got new dress shirts and jeans. Done. Well, the stinker got me a cute fleece, water bottle, data tip gloves, and a pan. I felt like a heel! I told him he could go get a new gun. Then he reminded me that last year I got him everything off his wish list. Settled!

Phillip was gifted a cool tool set with a chainsaw from Grandma and Grandpa Call. He really thought he could cut down a tree. Thursday morning he got dressed and raced outside to cut down trees. His facial expressions are hilarious! We took the kids swimming in the afternoon at Sterling pool. Evelyn even got her feet wet. She was excited for all of 3-4 minutes. Phillip developed another ear infection on Saturday. He and I have not slept well in days. The clinic was full on Saturday. I called in and the Dr sent a prescription for him with the understanding that I would bring him in on Monday. Poor kid is a beast when sick. I don't take whining and complaining that well. He is Justin's child when sick. I need to work on my empathy and compassion! 

Christmas PJs

Right after our Christmas play we were enjoying some of the church films as a family and frosting cookies. Scared me to death when Innej or one of her pals rapped on the window then rang the doorbell. We noticed then the bag was missing. I suggested that maybe Innej hid it! Our sneaky elf hid the goods in Amelia's bed under her covers. Soon the kids had paper flying and new colorful PJs swinging in the air. Each kid took a turn putting the gift bag on their heads. Christmas is pretty much the only time of year the kids voluntarily crawl into bed.

Santa did a good job decorating the tree with balloons. He even tracked Christmas snow and glitter from the fireplace to the tree. He laid out our Nativity in front of all the gifts to remind us of Jesus. We ran out of carrots so Amelia left 8 sticks of celery and a bit of cucumber especially for Rudolph. Santa was done before 11:00! We almost got busted by Phillip while setting up the bouncy house. He came halfway down the stairs before we noticed him. Once again my famous skills for underestimating things came into play. The bounce house is...well huge. It barely fits in the open space in the basement. Barely. Justin looked at me with a "really?" look. Yep! Really.

Christmas Eve Cookies

I just love all the little traditions of Christmas. So many little precious memories are made. We had a delightful little snow fall on Monday. It was enough to cover the trees and walkways. I peeked out of the window to see our Christmas lights gleaming through the white snow. With the quiet that comes with snow and the colorful lights the world seemed totally perfect at that moment. The quiet broke with a suddenly sonic boom a couple hours later when the kids woke up.

I started the kids cutting and decorating cookies to bake for Santa. We used a recipe our Bishop's wife gave us. They came singing Christmas songs the night before. Caroling seems rare around here so that was a real treat. The boys totally enjoyed the singing. They were so excited that they sang two more songs! Back to Christmas Eve. Justin stayed home after lunch from work. I took an hour to finish wrapping gifts. Amelia helped me make pretzel dough for soup bowls. Justin manned the Clam Chowder this year. I was nursing the baby. Oh goodness...the chowder was amazing in the salt crusted bread bowls. That might need to happen again. 

Amelia was in charge of gathering costumes for our Christmas play. She did an awesome job outfitting everyone with scarves and such. She even decorated Evelyn's chair with a blanket and stuffed animals. Amelia was Mary, Phillip was Joseph, Evelyn posed as Baby Jesus, Justin was the donkey, and Everett was a shepherd. Several times throughout the season we get out the Little People manger scene and act out the story. Our Nelf had a mix up. She delivered the gifts and treat then knocked on the window at like 6 pm. She forgot the time. The kids dragged the stuff sitting on the porch into the house. Somehow Innej snuck the bag away and hid it until the right time.