11 August 2013

Potty Pirate Failure

Tuesday we started out with a diaper dumping party for Everett. He got some new pirate undies and a lot of rejoicing. I put him on the potty every 30-40 minutes (sometimes more frequently around the time he needed to go) for two days. He did not potty on the toilet at all for those two days. He would do his business (and not even notice) minutes after getting off the potty. He cried and threw tantrums each time he got new undies and clean shorts. My cute boy turned into devil baby. After the first two hours he decided that potty training was for Phillip. I made it through Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday morning he cried for an hour about even putting on undies and arched his back to keep off the potty seat. I put him in a diaper. Guess he is not ready yet. Now he is telling me when he pees and poos in his diaper! I think that is a great development. I might give it another go this coming week. My kids seem to need time when faced with change. Some kids (and adults) embrace change with gusto. Our kids developed Justin's love of sameness! Later Thursday afternoon my sweet boy was back. I love how charred the kids roast their treats. Tuesday Justin stayed home after lunch to let me take a nap and recover. That rarely happens so it was a small slice of heaven for this sick girl. He took the kids swimming! Justin helped the kids roast marshmallows over his hobo stove Tuesday evening.

Wednesday the kids amused themselves with our leftover wood pile. Amelia can be quite bossy. Phillip takes it then does what he wants much to her chagrin. From what I gathered Amelia was the owner and Phillip was a dog. He had to take naps on a piece of MDF board. Everett had a massive fit around 7 pm. He fell asleep snuggled on my chest soon after. He slept until 8 the next morning. Guess all the potty excitement wore him out. Justin sat next to me whittling a stick, me reading and taking photos. At one point Amelia commanded Phillip to "speak human!" He ruffed back. He got distracted by Phillip and nearly sliced off the pad of his thumb. The kids were pretty distraught watching him try to clean up the blood. Justin went to the ER and got 5-6 stitches on his right thumb. He came home with a nice padded thumb.

Thursday the kids and I walked to the school park near our home. Everett toted along a ball decorated with twine, he called it his yo-yo. He treated that ball like royalty. Phillip had to pee while at the park. I am so proud of him! He held it for 25 minutes until we went back home. He is nearly accident free and dry at night. It took some intense weeks but he finally GOT it. Hooray Phillip!! I was feeling a bit better so we went to DQ for my birthday ice cream. Whatever Mom orders/eats is always better! Everett helped me eat my cone.

Friday afternoon Justin took Phillip and Everett to the Father's and Sons camp out. The boys were over the moon excited. The truck ride was awesome, the sticks were awesome, the food was awesome, and tent was awesome. Amelia and I enjoyed a girl's night out. Once the boys left we spent an hour stringing 5 chunky bead necklaces to Princess music. Amelia chattered up a storm. She insisted on wearing a new necklace to match her outfit. I got to wear a fun necklace too. We had dinner at Oya Grill. Amelia snuggled right next to me eating off my plate and telling me how awesome this was. She missed the stinky boys, except that daddy was not stinky. We watched Smurfs 2 after dinner. At home we ended the evening with a ticklish pedicure for Amelia, reading books in bed, and snuggling. She woke up excited for our Walmart trip to buy school supplies. It was a fun and special time for us girls. Sounds like the boys had a similar experience. They were home by the time we got back from Walmart. The boys were stinky and covered with dirt! Everett had such a good time he would not get out of the truck for an hour. He found a baby doll to love on. He strolled it around, would snuggle it, and sigh cute kisses on the dolly. I hope he loves little Evelyn!

Phillip loves to sit on my lap while I read books. Usually Evelyn starts to kick him which makes us both laugh. This morning even Everett felt the kicks and started laughing. Phillip is very excited to meet the silly baby who likes to kick him. Me too.

Happy 36 Years To Me

I am so grateful Amelia was born the same year of my 30th birthday...because it helps me remember how old I am. Amelia turned 6 so I turned 36! Never thought I'd have a hard time remembering my own age. My birthday dawned a nice temperate day...I got up with a nasty head cold, nausea, and a 101 temperature. Darn it all! I was determined to have a nice day so we got dressed up to play at the park. Justin took some cute photos of the kids and I after dinner on Sunday. I was not sure they turned out so had another friend (Sarah Wood) take a couple more. Ella came to the park to play with Mia while Alison mowed lawns. The boys enjoyed walking around the pond with RJ and Sarah while the girls zoomed around on their bikes. Good thing it was not a hot day.

We had a fun lunch at Pizza Hut buffet to celebrate. Ella came with us as well. I later tossed all my pizza and salad. Darn it. Tessa came over to watch the kids at 3 so I could get a pedicure. It was nice to sit and get my feet scrubbed and buffed. Once Justin got home I went to bed. That was a fizzling end to my birthday. Good thing birthdays do not mean as much the older you turn. I am grateful Justin got me an upgraded sewing machine. It sews like a dream!

The kids were very excited about my birthday. I was showered with hugs, kisses, and leg clings all day. The best ever.