24 April 2009


LOL!! I was just brushing my teeth when I noticed my shirt was not doing such a great job. We had a cooler day today so a long-sleeved shirt was necessary. Hum...not working so well. I have two problems and neither solution seems sensible. One, my winter maternity shirts are stuffed in some long-lost, mis-labeled box in one of two storage units. Two, I am too cheap to buy more shirts only to wear it for a couple of days or weeks. Guess this sight may become common!!

I can't believe how HUGE my belly is...at only 5 months. This was how I looked when Amelia was born. Already breathing is a chore and my insides are squished like I was 9 months along. Our little baby is a mover and shaker. It did not like my seatbelt while driving 8-9 hours. Whenever I stop moving it takes up dancing the tango. Most nights I can hardly sleep because of my baby's midnight parties. I tried to walk while in Utah to get some exercise, my belly would start to contract and cramp. Bummer. I really hope this does not signal the end of my gym visits. I enjoy working out. My next ultrasound is on Monday. I am pretty sure the placenta previa is not an issue...but we will see. Amelia and I have a DR appt on Wednesday. Me to go over the ultrasound and get the nasty gestational diabetes test and Amelia for her two year old well child. She will need shots which makes me nervous because now she can talk...or rather scream at me. I hate shots!!! More updates next week on this new little one; or shall I say twice as big as Amelia at birth at 5 months along?!