29 July 2010

Holy Terror Tantrums

Yesterday Amelia threw us a curve ball, we caught it. This evening she threw another one much to our dismay. The fair. It was, it was fun. It was EXPENSIVE. For Amelia to ride three rides and all of us to ride the Ferris wheel cost $20. Yikes. We enjoyed some greasy fair food or brats, fries, nachos, and a funnel cake. We saw the animals again. Ohhhed and Ahhhed over the size of the tractors, took some fun photos, then went to the fair rides. Amelia's smiles were humorous and her obvious glee, amusing. We headed home with an outrageously upset toddler who wanted to stay at the fair. She calmed down enough to get a bath. It was too late to read books so I put her in bed. Holy fireworks. I nearly tied her door shut. Finally she stopped crying at 10:20 and snuggled with me on the couch occasionally asking for me to read her a book. She fell asleep requesting George Goes to a Costume Party. I put her in bed. Around 3:50 am she taps me on the shoulder asking if I would read her George Goes to a Costume Party now! She did not understand that 6 hours had passed. She was also perturbed that her lamp and light were out of batteries (I unscrewed the light bulbs so she would not turn on her lamp). Justin put her back in bed. She screamed and screamed. Out of sheer frustration she slept with me the rest of the night.

This evening she threw another tantrum at the mere suggestion of getting ready for bed. She is screaming her head off, probably naked, in her room. Little stinker. She is testing bed time rules for the 58th time in three years. I will WIN, I am the MOM, little Amelia.

Natalie and I enjoyed a couple hours visiting Camy. All our kids played marvelously together for over an hour. I love that Amelia is starting to leave the solitary play stage. Miekka's Dad called me while we were on the way to Camy's home. Her parents were shopping at MY Walmart in Sidney! The odds are astronomical. They are on the drive home after visiting their son in Wisconsin. Then my mission comp, Shannon, called about a sale her mom's business is having. Her mother owns One Small Child and sells christening outfits. The warehouse in Idaho is having a liquidation sale of 90% off regular prices. I invested in some gowns, bonnets, bibs, and such for my studio. The total bill without sale price was astounding! I saved a boat load. Thanks so much to Shannon for announcing the sale on Facebook! I can't wait to pick up the items and visit. Shannon and her little family lived in Jordan with my family for a couple years.

The Elder's are back in Sidney. We had them over for dinner this evening. I am trying to organize my shopping list better so made a menu for the week. On Sunday I was craving Calzones and still craved them this evening! Using a recipe from the Best Recipe Book...ever, I made ricotta calzones. I baked them on the grill outside on a pizza stone. The grill had quite a few hot spots, burning parts of the calzones. Still, the meal was soooooo tasty. The filling was simply: 16 oz ricotta, 2 cups mozzarella, 1/4 cup Parmesan, 1/4 cup asiago, 1 egg yolk, salt, pepper, 1 tbs fresh oregano, and a oil infusion of garlic and red pepper.