21 July 2013

Potty Training. Period.

This week was pretty laid back! Started out the week finishing the edits on all the photos from our vacation and a newborn session. Phew. I enjoyed shutting down my computer for most of the week. Amelia and Phillip started swimming lessons on Monday. I think the old lady teaching their class was not so nice to Phillip. He absolutely refused to change into his swim clothes and get in the pool on Tuesday. Poor kid. He really is a good swimmer but needs to learn how to listen and follow directions. Everett and I stayed on Monday to watch the lessons. It was only 70 degrees with a breeze most mornings so Amelia froze her tushie off. Her lips stayed purple for a good hour or more after lessons. She passed level one and is ready for level two!

The kids and I enjoyed free school lunch at North Elementary on Tuesday. We played at the park afterwards. The kids left out their watercolors which Everett later found. He enjoyed painting himself more than the paper. I thought he did a great job for an amateur!

Wednesday we drove out to Bridgeport for an afternoon at the lake with Alison, Meagan, and their kids. Everett paddled around in the water 95% of the time. He came ashore for a snack and some sand time. Amelia, Ella, and Stella formed the 3 amigas, beach-style. They played numerous games involving mermaids, unicorns, and castles. Phillip loves Drew Haley, he stuck by him as much as possible. When he got chilled he crawl out of the water and bury himself in the warm sand. I love the beach because all the kids have a great time with minimal effort on my part.

Thursday I started potty training Phillip. He is not so keen on the idea and often begs for pull-ups. I found a cute treasure chest box to keep potty treats in. He can earn a treat and a gold doubloon pirate sticker for his special pirate hat. Pretty much he only goes if I physically put him on the potty. I noticed yesterday that he is holding his pee-pee more instead of leaking pee constantly. That is a huge improvement! Yesterday he put a big poop in the potty instead of a toot. Progress! His pull-up was even dry overnight this morning. I think in two weeks he will get the hang of it. In the meantime my washer/dryer is constantly running. Seems like the bathroom reeks of potty. Gross. Potty training has to be the most disgusting part of being a mom. I am also fulfilling my childhood dream to be a cheerleader. My voice gets hoarse from all the exuberant praise ladled on Phillip. He loves the attention more than the treats. I love when he gives me a kiss on the cheek in return. Finally a big boy in the making.

I started working on the nursery Friday night. Took some doing but got the room mostly finished by Saturday evening. Justin deserves a huge pat on the back for letting me nest and amusing the kids while I enjoyed myself. I love sorting through all the tiny clothes remembering when the kids were that small. I feel like every moment that passes goes way too fast. I miss the kisses as soon as they are given. I miss the sticky faces making gorilla faces at me while stuffing a piece of bread into a mouth. I miss the constant roar of children once the quiet settles in. Even though I don't like Phillip sneaking into our bed each night I miss it. Amelia rarely cuddles anymore at night. Everything about this stage of life with small kids is ever so fleeting. Sometimes I forget and impatience, anger, or annoyance settles in. Then suddenly a laugh comes from a something silly and balance is restored. I love it all.

**Everett learned how to jump a couple weeks ago. He jumps like a sumo wrestler! So hilarious.
**Everett tries so hard to imitate Phillip, Justin and I crack up watching him.
**Everett is a bossy cow! His favorite commands are: come back here! Stop that! NOW! 1-2-3-8-9-10! Give it back! PHILLIP!!!!
**I asked Everett if he wanted some underwear. He stopped and got a confused look on his face, flipped his hands up and over, then said "where? where? under? where?" I think we will wait for a while before training him! He he