15 September 2008

Food For A YEAR??!!!!!!!!

I am a lady on a mission! A little while ago I mentioned that either we were moving into a larger home or cleaning/reorganizing the one we have. The most logical choice was to lighten our load and clean out everything we have not used in over a year. So far I've made 7-8 trips to the DI, several trips to the garbage can, and reorganized every closet we have. Now that the nooks and crannies are organized the rest of our stuff is in the middle of our floors. I can't wait until this project is over. This afternoon the power went out. It seemed Heavenly Father was giving me the chance to start on the biggest project of them all...dum-dum-dum: The basement. AHHHHHHHH! Today I went to one of the local case lot sales and stocked up on some necessities. Problem was the laundry room was overflowing. I ended up inventorying our entire pantry and food storage supplies. Phew. Amelia decided today was not a nap day so she cried on my ankles for an hour. We got the job done and finished organizing the laundry room. The only rooms left are the actual basement and living room. It feels good to touch everything we own and make decisions about the item's fate. I am very pleased to report that we are very, very close to having a year's supply of food. All we lack is more wheat, grains, some oils, and some of the more expensive items like dried eggs, etc. On to 72-hour kits!

I also finished a cute crocheted pumpkin hat for Amelia. Schweet! Two more appliqued shirts occupied my Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. I am not much of a napper, so while Justin and Ammy napped I played with fabric. I am teaching myself how to knit (in the round). It is different than crocheting that is for sure.

While out collecting ripe tomatoes, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, and chard for dinner Amelia pulled out her little wading pool and tried to fill it with water from the hose. I obliged her and we spent a happy 20 minutes splashing in her wading pool. She loves to splash like a little duck now.
Justin is very pleased to have a newer laptop. His old "Lappy" was misbehaving and taking forever to load, his screen would black out, and generally being a very bad computer. The newer one should help him work faster and play harder! LOL.