02 February 2011

Drum Roll Please....

We are welcoming a BABY BOY!!! 

I was convinced this baby was a girl...like 99% sure. Justin and Amelia also thought I was having a girl. We drove up to Scottsbluff for our ultrasound today. Within a minute we witnessed the telltale sign of our pending baby's gender. Yep! I was a little shocked! Mostly, a little sad not to have another girl to sew cute stuff for. I was planning on whipping up some insanely darling outfits perfect for a newborn girl. Sigh! I am grateful that now I can prepare myself for this new little guy turning 16 months old and the pending change from sweet and cuddly to adventurous and curious. The tech showed us a couple shots of the baby in 3-d. When the machine showed the 3-d images the baby looked golden. Amelia is very excited to have a golden baby boy princess. She really wanted to know how to get a girl princess instead of another prince. Hmmmm? Maybe next time?

Brrrr! It is frigid outside

This is a photo of our mailbox...inside the house. Most of our windows and doors are rimmed with a delicate frosting of white ice. It is so cold! The ultra cold front came in Tuesday. The high was 0 and the low -14 (wind chill dropped the temp to -32). Today the high was 11 degrees and the low was -18 (with wind chill -31). I feel like we are living near the tundra. At least the kids are enjoying licking frost off the windows and mail box.

R is for Rooster, Rocks, Rice, Rainbow, and Rabbit

This week preschool was at our home. The kid's LOVE the week preschool is at their own home. Amelia was beyond excited to have preschool at our home, waking up around 7 am ready to go. Monday we learned about the letter "R" and the color brown. We sang rooster songs, pretended to be a rooster waking up the other farm animals, and reading a fun book about a rooster who lost his crow. I was so excited to include science into preschool with my nerdy rock collection. I have quite an extensive collection! We read a book, measured the rocks, tasted them, observed colors and shapes, and even dipped a couple in water. The kids elected to play with our rice bucket instead of making a craft. We ended with mixing red, blue, and yellow water to make the color brown. Then we ate brown snacks! Chocolate milk, chocolate cookies, and trail mix.

Today we learned about rainbows. The kids made their own rainbows using our magnifying glass and the sun to split out prism light. We talked about the order of the rainbow colors then colored rainbows on plain paper. I found a neat idea to make rainbows with beads, pipe cleaner, and Styrofoam. Toward the end of making the bead rainbows we read "What Makes a Rainbow." A real, live rabbit came to visit our class after the book. Each child got to hold the rabbit a couple times and pet it extensively. The rabbit helped the kids color and decorate their own rings using the pop tops from juice boxes. We had a rainbow of fruit for snack.

I was a little worried about Phillip. This was his first preschool attendance as a mobile destructo-man. I was surprised that the kids had a bigger issue with Phillip than Phillip had being good. I realized the other 4 kids do not have younger siblings so did not know how to deal with a little guy invading personal space. This morning Phillip did get the high chair treatment after spilling all the beads and trying to swallow half of them before I got to him. We had an amazing time!!!