14 January 2013

Brrrrrr.....it is freezing


Monday, January 14, 2013


Brrrrrrr. We can't seem to get warm of late. Jack Frost decorated some of our trees on Friday, his sneaky fingers even managed to ice our mailbox that rests in the door frame. Phillip desperately wants to go to the park but when the daytime high is between 10-15 degrees I can't justify that! The other day it was -10 with a -30 windchill. That is cooooold. Justin loves all the weather changes. He monitors the weather stations with gusto and lets me know all the changes. That makes me smile.
Tuesday morning I asked the boys if they wanted to go play basketball. Everett bent his knees and pretended to chuck a ball, while yelling, "ba-be-ball!!!" He was so excited. We love toddler time at the gym. I love to hear Everett try and say basketball. Cracks me up. The boys played so hard that Phillip fell asleep in the van on our way to a baptism. He slept through me taking him out of the van, and slept the entire meeting. He woke up long enough for a doughnut then went to bed at the normal time. My kids RARELY fall asleep at odd times of places so when it happens I get a kick out of it.
Wednesday I was cleaning the dishes when Phillip came behind me and said, "Mom, I a child of God! Eberett child of God, Mia child of God, Mom child of god, Dad child of God!" Oh man, I almost melted. Took that little child of god in my arms and squeezed him close. Turns out he had a lesson in Sunbeams about everyone being a child of God. Took him three days to process that but he got it!
Thursday the boys and I had lunch with Mia at school. We enjoyed 30 minutes of militant lunchtime slurping tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The proctors had everyone raise their hands for 3 seconds when the talking became too noisy. Kids got yelled at for crumbling crackers. Everett of course smashed all his crackers and spread them all over the floor. I felt like a criminal trying to sweep up the crumbs before one of the ladies noticed. The ladies said I could talk with Mia but no one else could. Sort of dampered any desire to chat. The boys did not notice and to Mia that is how school lunch is. Crazy!
Friday Amelia ran a fever so stayed home from school. She was fine just feverish. I think we watched a lot of TV over the weekend. I hate that. I made the kids some hot cocoa for a snack. Amelia declared it, "tasted more delicious than any other cocoa I've never had." Justin and I saw Lincoln at the theater. That movie was a pretty gray and true telling of how the 13th amendment was passed. I felt so grateful for the sacrifices made so long ago. I caught a nasty flu on Saturday. Spent most of the day lounging on the couch. Glad Justin was home to help out. He took the kids to McD where Phillip slurped his ketchup up a straw. Then the older two went with him to the community center to play basketball and walk on the track.
Phillip is making the decision to use the potty now. He used the potty at Walmart today and has kept his undies dry all morning...so far. He decided wearing the same diapers as Everett was not so cool. I have Everett in the same size and type diapers as Phillip. No way he wants to be just like Everett. Just got him some new undies as incentive. Let's see if his decision sticks! Finally.