21 January 2014



Sunday to Monday is laundry day in the Call family. Sunday night we pile all the dirty clothes on the kitchen floor. The kids love dragging the baskets into the kitchen...the bait?! I pour the clothes on their heads. We end up with a wiggling, thrashing pile of laundry and 3 happy kids. They wallow in the clothes until we start sorting the clothes into piles. This week Everett had the pile and clothes pour all to himself! He was one happy camper. Most of the time he acts like the 2 year old he is with attitude over simple acts like getting dressed. Monday I placated him with socks on his ears. He played puppy with me fetching and catching, all with socks on his ears. It was so great.

Tuesday we were at the gym running around like crazies with our friends the Wood family. She asked me what I had going on, I replied nothing, except for Tuesday morning. Wait! Today is Tuesday, morning. My mind forgot to keep Evelyn's immunization appt. The clinic had one opening after lunch. Phew! I hate the way immunizations work here in Sidney, open only twice a month and not given during well-baby check ups. While we waited Everett noticed a guitar on his shirt. He looked down and strummed his belly. He told me he was playing his "shirt-tar." I died laughing along with the two secretaries at the desk. Evelyn did really well with her shots. I iced her legs immediately after, it really seems to help localize the shot. She was a little fussy for two days.

Justin forgot his phone during lunch. Phillip found it on the table. He ran around like a fire truck yelling, "He 'got! He 'got his phone. Daddy need it, oh no!" The boys were so disturbed we made a run up to Cabela's to deliver the phone. Phillip yelled all the way up the hill about how scared he was about going up to the top. At the moment being near I-80 was scary to the little dude. We delivered the phone then stopped off at the park. It was windy but not too cold. Phillip and Everett pretended to be otters on the firetruck structure. After wobbling like otters down the ramp they jumped up and walked off the plank (ie sliding down the fire pole).

We watched Stella and Dani Thursday and Friday while Meagan delivered her newest daughter, Maggie. The boys played so well with Dani added into the mix. They played house for two days using the shopping cart, cash register, and fake food. I went to the Smuin's at 5 am on Thursday. The girls were so excited about the change they woke up at 6:20. Dani crashed around 3 pm and slept for 2 hours. Meagan and Shane welcomed Maggie around 2 pm! She is a cute little one with tons of dark hair. The Smuin's are moving back to Utah in the next couple weeks. Darn it! We will miss them. When I went to pick up the girls from school Stella did not remember I was picking her up and decided that her uncle was supposed to pick her up. She would not go with me, that caused some tension with the teachers and principal! We ironed out the confusion once Meagan's note was referenced. I promise I did not try to kidnap poor Stella. I sewed up three shirts for Valentine's day. I made all the kids shirts with cute robots, using a shirt I made a couple years ago for Phillip. It was a favorite. We picked up Phillip from preschool on Friday. As soon as Phillip saw Dani in the van he ran up to her, "Annie, you miss me? You worried? I here! Phillip is here." He dished out several hugs and a sloppy kiss. He moved on to give Everett a hug and kiss. Everett's face was pure bliss! Phillip is the cutest, most loving little boys. A perfect mix of rough and tumble with joy and love to balance out the naughty streak. Justin told me Phillip roared at the Principal when he opened the truck door to help Amelia out...the Principal roared back much to Phillip's delight!

This week was over the top windy. Saturday was not exception. We wanted to do something, Evelyn hates the wind, so outdoor activities were out of bounds. We checked out Gurley and had lunch at the Hanger. We did find a tumbleweed graveyard! It was insane! The kids loved The Hanger. It is a bar, empty at lunch on Saturday. The decor are hobby planes hung from the ceiling. The kids found a high table and turned it into a train. Then we let the kids run around Cabela's for a while to blow off steam. Sort of lame but hey! At least we did something.

I taught the RS lesson on Sunday. It was fun to teach again. I really enjoy the challenge. Phillip learned about CTR last Sunday. He told me several times throughout the week that his name was not CTR but Phillip. He knows that CTR stands for Choose the Right, just does not think that is his name.  Amelia spent an hour making a Valentine's card for Punkle Jeremy. We can't wait to mail it! Evelyn is making progress rolling onto her tummy. She is so close to rolling! I am starting the Take Shape for Life system on Monday. I am hoping to lose the weight gained since August.

Phillip uses some silly words. My favorites are:
Flippty Flappity
Honky Donkey