22 December 2014

Sleeping Under the Christmas Tree

I had to whip up a calendar this week to make sure I did not forget anything that was going on. Sunday afternoon Amelia wrangled me into painting faces. She and Everett chose to be Power Rangers...and Phillip wanted to be a sparkly cloud with a rainbow hurling lightening bolts. The black around Amelia's eyes did not wash off so well, she looked like a punk rocker the next day, maybe a glimpse into her future as a teenager? Sidney was covered with a stunning blanket of snow, blizzard style. On the south side of our house we found four foot high drifts. I think the official snow fall was 4-5 inches. The entire town was surprised that school was not cancelled. I would not like to be the official who makes that call. By morning the roads were so slick and the wind so strong that getting anywhere was quite difficult. Justin plowed the driveway at 7 am, by 10 am I got stuck in the same driveway. School was cancelled at noon giving the buses time to shuttle kids back home before dark at 4 pm. The kids enjoyed an hour of playing in the snow and wind. Justin's work Christmas party was cancelled due to snow. So what did I do? I cleaned our bedroom. Our "new" bed skirt, purchased last spring does not fit the box springs, it falls short a good 3 inches. Hence, the under things poke out. I extended the bed skirt AND cleaned under the bed. I snorted/laughed/choked when I saw what Justin had stuffed under his side of the bed. I am surprised our mattress could lay flat. Since I was on a strange cleaning roll I also vacuumed the ceiling fan, walls, wall art, and washed the curtains. I am not diligent when it comes to dusting, especially the bedrooms. Dust bunnies were morphing into dust monsters. It must be time to move just so I can dust. The idea of staying in one place is a hard adjustment for me! I better get used to it since we are coming up on 6 years here in Sidney.

Tuesday Amelia's class and two other classes congregated at 1 to sing Christmas songs at Hickory Square. The students sang at various businesses before singing at the square! I love this new idea instead of boring same old Christmas concerts. Our new snow only enhanced the experience with cold noses and a feeling of Christmas. Everett insisted on wearing a Santa scarf in case his new best friend came to visit. Evelyn looked like a fluffy polka dot confection waddling around in her snow suit. Amelia sang just beautifully. She held the letter "R" in the word Christmas for one of the songs. I was due to paint faces right after but Phillip's teachers decided to postpone until January. I was relieved since I needed to work on a last minute Christmas gift. The Elder's came over for dinner of spicy pork sandwiches. I invited our neighbor Kelly to come over and meet the Elders. She came much to my surprise! We enjoyed a nice dinner and lesson the Elder's gave.

The dentist advised us to visit an orthodontist about Amelia's narrow upper palate. We drove to Scottsbluff for her first ortho appointment. The roads were just terrible. A heavy fog shrouded the landscape. The fog also meant frozen and slippery roads. Our van looked like a dirty brown marshmallow by the time we got back home. I was worried about safety since all the kids came with me. We made the trip in 2h20m, compared to the usual 90m. The orthodontists office was super cool, I think they lure you in with all kinds to kid traps. Amelia will need a spacer in 6 months when her back molars come in a bit more. The new spacers are like a spring loaded contraption that stretches the mouth's roof. She will have braces at the same time to ensure her missing teeth have space to come in. The ortho said Everett will need extensive help as well because his teeth are so close together and he has a narrow palate as well. Yipee. We celebrated afterwards with some shopping and lunch at MCD with a play place. I finally got a curtain rod for the new curtains I got a couple months ago. We got home just in time to wolf down some dinner. I had 6 lbs of cheese to cut into squares and set on a platter for our ward cantata. My neighbor, Kelly Bilbrey met us at the church for the cantata. I was in the choir this year. Our organist came down with a nasty flu hours before the cantata, so I also ended up playing the organ for the hymns. Some how I was wrangled in to sing a solo this year. I guess that went well considering I am no singer.

Thursday Phillip's class presented their Christmas program. Mrs Cassie had to warn Phillip to not wiggle. I was glad she only warned him once. I somehow forgot a memory card for my camera so only got a couple shots with my phone. He sang very loudly during "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." I loved watching his wiggly body trying to stay put on his place marker. Evelyn caught sight of Phillip and started laughing causing a small distraction. The kid's favorite song was "Little Snowflake Falling."

We had a splendid time at Justin's work party. Robbie painted cutouts of Elsa and Olaf for this party this year. All the little ones enjoyed poking their heads out, especially Olaf since he had a funny orange nose to put on. Evelyn found a stray balloon to play with. She toted the balloon around until she opened her Santa gift. Justin won another chair this year as a door prize. He won a chair last year too. Santa came in as we were waiting in line for dinner. Everett ran up to Santa and hugged his legs. So sweet! Phillip ate his dinner as fast as possible. He jumped the gun and visited Santa all by himself. He had to wait to open his gift until the other kids visited Santa. We got the token crying baby photo thanks to Evelyn. Evelyn unwrapped a bear pillow, she spent the rest of the party throwing herself on the pet. Amelia got a cute "find-it" toy. Everett got a stick horse. The coup-de-gras was a pop up camo tent for Phillip. After the party we drove around a while to admire Christmas lights. One house has a fun hologram of Santa pacing in front of their house window! Plus the house lights are programmed to music. It is really fun to watch. Phillip insisted on sleeping in the tent. He slept in it all night! He also slept in it Friday night right next to the Christmas tree.

We drove to Peetz Friday morning to visit Nora and Jimmy. Phillip was so very excited to play football with Jimmy. Everett and Phillip kept Jimmy busy playing ball while Nora and I talked! We exchanged crocheted afghan patterns! Nothing like a crocheted blanket to raise excitement. I am relieved Nora let me visit this month. She has avoided me for 3 months now. I was able to download a bunch of photos she has of her sons who passed away from her FB account and phone. I plan on making a nice photo book for her. I stayed up late wrapping presents and watching Thor II. I made quite a dent! Saturday was a lazy, lazy day. The kids were driving me crazy by 3 pm so I suited them up in snow gear and sent them outside. Evelyn and I went to Walmart for food and last minute Christmas stuff. Our Nelves Innej and Nitsuj left the kids a cookie decorating kit, they had fun decorating gingerbread men. Justin and went on a date to see the 3rd Hobbit movie. We finally discovered the savings of bringing our own popcorn bucket and refill glasses, lopped off $6. Yesh!!

This week Phillip made his robot a space ship house with an empty milk carton. He and Everett mutilate each box that comes through our home with knives and scissors. I think this week they were making a castle car with a gate and van doors. I might need to move my new letters "Christ" I am finding vulgar letter arrangements. Phillip and Everett unknowingly spelled "sh*t" three times in the past weeks.