03 October 2013

One Month Old


We enjoyed a splendid visit with Miekka, Seth, Jacob, Lia, and Grandma Mary (Miekka's mom) this week. We love visits! Makes the distance easier to manage when family comes. 

Amelia attended a cheerleading clinic the HS cheerleaders host once a year to raise money. She brought the flyer home a couple weeks ago. At that time she informed me that if she could not attend she might just die. Well, I could not risk her up and dying so she got to attend the clinic. Tuesday and Thursday evenings were practice times. She looked pretty darn cute bouncing around with the older girls. Afterwards she showed us her new skills. Evelyn turned 4 weeks old. I celebrated with another set of photos taken on my gray rug with a cute gray bonnet and wrap. You can totally see her newly acquired milk belly! This week she totally started to fill out and is spending more time awake and alert. She is trying so hard to smile at us! 

The boys and I spent quite a bit of time outside this week at the park and in the side yard. The boys picked up new pairs of "sun eyes," aka sunglasses. Everett looks totally cool! Their favorite game this week was running around with spray bottles squirting each other, the walls, the ground, and anything else that needed to get wet. I love how the best toys are the cheapest and simplest. We had a fun water fight on Thursday. 

Thursday was a really, really busy day. Amelia had a ballet performance for the Cabela's newcomers picnic. They wisely did the event inside this year. About 12 local businesses set up tables and served different grilled cheese sandwiches! We got to vote on our favorites, the best grilled cheese sandwich won. I really liked a pumpernickel, cheese, and sweet pickle grilled cheese and a bacon and 4 cheese grilled sandwich. Not sure which business won the contest. Amelia went to cheer clinic until she performed. I pulled her out let her dance then shuffled her back into the HS gym for cheer. Luckily, the newcomers picnic was in the HS lobby! I heard some ladies tittering about how serious Amelia was while she performed. Indeed, she takes her ballet seriously! She was the only girl to remember all the steps after 3.5 months. The Lance clan arrived around 8:45 pm. Just in time for some pre-bed craziness. 

The kids slept in...hrumph...NOT. Phillip woke up at 6:45 after going to bed around 10 pm. He went to school with Justin at the normal time. Amelia ended up convincing me to stay home for a fun day with her cousins. Miekka brought a slew of new princess dress ups she found at an awesome tent sale in Utah. The girls wore princess dresses for days. Everett absolutely loves 'etie (Sethie). The boys enjoyed playing ball with Everett and Phillip. The kids stayed busy playing all weekend. I think Lia would say the highlight was playing with princess playdough! Jacob might say it was getting an Uncle Sy hat for Halloween at Walmart, not Cabelas. Seth loved holding Evelyn and playing with Everett. I am so grateful for Miekka and Mary helping around the house and cooking meals. 

Due to rain and wind the cheerleaders moved the cheer event into the HS gym. Usually the little girls perform at the football game during half time. Parents and friends piled into the gym around 8 pm to watch the girls cheer. Amelia won an award for the "Most Improved" girl. All the girls had on new t-shirts, black bottoms, and new poms. Amelia was practically glowing! It was so nice to have the event inside, everyone got to attend AND keep warm. 

We made a venture out of the house on Saturday for lunch at Cabela's cafe and some shopping. Mia and Lia wore princess dresses. So darn cute. Jacob and Seth about peed their pants laughing over a mannequin. Not sure why it was so funny. They made us laugh with their laughter. The Henderson girls LOVE to shop! We went to the Rummage House, Salvation Army, Daisies and Dragons, and Walmart. Miekka found an entire section of discounted Legos, apparently the prices were amazing. She went back later and picked up enough toys for Christmas gifts. Justin made yummy sloppy joes for dinner. I absolutely love it when he cooks.
Sunday Miekka and Mary baked up a delish roast for dinner. Yum. They also finished up our box of peaches with a peach cobbler. I can't remember what we did on Sunday. I think the kids put on a cute little play about a lion, 3 jackals, and a water well. I took some photos of the kids. We went without Miekka and Mary. I find kids do better without their parents when they get a little older.