05 August 2009

My 32nd Birthday

I love birthdays, especially my own! LOL! It was so awesome to get calls from Mom (at the airport), Charity, and James/Miekka. Jana texted me, her preferred method of communication. I enjoyed a card from Grandparents Lance. My visiting teacher also brought me fun little bag of goodies and my neighbor brought over cookies! Also all the facebook birthday wishes were so appreciated.

Alison outdid herself with a fun day at the Scottsbluff Zoo and a trip to Target. She even made two awesome rings and a necklace charm to boot! Justin gave me spending money and the best gift ever: a monitor calibrator. Sounds geeky, eh? Well, it is! Now I can calibrate my monitor to reflect the color schemes of the printing service I use. Means my pictures will turn out exactly how I edit them. I am giddy with excitement.

The zoo was a blast. We left here around 11 am. Our first objective was lunch for the kiddos. Then we walked around and saw all the animals. Mostly monkeys, birds, and a few large animals like lion, tiger, zebra, and buffalo. Mia and Ella loved the lion water fountain. It was pretty warm outside so we were totally stoked about the splash pad. After the animals the kids put on their swim suits and got soaked. Amelia was so funny. Every time she got a little wet she'd run away with this puckered lip face. Super cute!

Target may not sound like a fun trip but when the store is about 2 hours away it becomes a novelty. I found a super cute newsboy cap and some shirts to applique for Mia next year. Amelia got a slurpee to amuse her during my shopping time. She ended up slurpee from head to toe.

I arrived home to find Justin with a pizza in the oven! That was the best ever. He let me play with my new toy then we all went out for ice cream at DQ. Thanks everyone for an awesome birthday.