06 October 2016

Fanny's Fruit Farm

Oh the anticipation! Oh the joy! The kids begged for an afternoon at Fanny's as soon as they learned it was open. I was pretty excited as well! I love all the fun activities, cute buildings, interesting crafts, and animals...and a pumpkin patch. The kids waited most of the day to finally go. The kids put on Halloween themed shirts without prompting! I finally got to dress Evelyn in the cutest little dress I thrifted a couple years ago. With her messy buns, she was ever so darling. Justin was in a good mood because I packed a couple boxes of crackers to keep him happy. The hay bale maze, glitter tattoos, millet boxes, baby chicks, oversized trikes, and the barrel trains all kept us happily exploring.

Josie was not feeling so well, she only wanted to be held and suck on her binky. She barfed, yes barfed a torrent of milk all over her outfit and the stroller seat. Justin ran back to the van for a blanket to wrap her up in. She sort of kept warm in the blanket cuddled next to my chest in the baby carrier. The kids were quite intent on finding the perfect pumpkins. Phillip chose a lumpy orange pumpkin, Everett found a large knobbly one, Amelia chose a warty white pumpkin, and Evelyn spotted a small one just her size. We watched the harvest moon rise as we walked back to the van.