21 February 2011

Kate Friend

Late Thursday evening Mia's Kate friend from Utah arrived for a weekend visit. Kate's mother is one of my amazing close friends. We enjoyed a girl weekend filled with sewing, chatting up storms, girl dates, and such. Justin and Phillip survived the increase in girly levels. Once Catherine and Kate arrived we let the girls play a little while. Amelia was so excited to have a sleep over in her basement. I set up her Thomas bed next to Kate's cot. The two girls giggled and laughed until Catherine went to bed. We both cracked up whenever we tuned in to their conversations. Once Kate said, "My mom is the fastest!" Amelia responded with, "My mom is the slowest!"

Catherine helped out watching the girls Friday morning for a quick jaunt to the Dr office with Phillip. He developed a nasty bumpy rash all over his back. The Dr said it is most like viral or some allergy. I was totally surprised when Phillip weighed in at 25 lbs. I was positively sure he was closer to 30. Check out his chubby hands in some of the photos above. Right after that I went to help the local photographer with a newborn triplet session. Check out some of the photos here. We totally expected a 4-5 hour session with those babies but were done by noon. Towards the end of the session there was a lot of pooping and peeing going on. It was pretty funny. During nap time Catherine and I started sewing skirts for her girls and an outfit for Mia. my sewing room was rocking and rolling for a couple days. Alison gifted me some fabric for Christmas. I finally ordered some fabric and went to town. Totally in love with her new outfit. It has a vintage, Swiss Miss feel!

Saturday morning I had to get a nap in since Phillip was up half the night and up for the day by 5:30 am. His molars are starting to come in so is not sleeping comfortably. Plus his rash itches! He learned how to remove his shirts so often walks around with a bare torso. We had a nice picnic lunch at the park with the kids. The weather was pretty mild! We had to wear jackets due to a chilly wind. Phillip goes down the really steep twisty slide all by himself. Makes me so nervous! He goes down on his tummy. Amelia got whonked in the eye on the same slide. Justin amused us by talking about geese calls and goose behavior/pedigree. What a nerd.

Phillip recently started calling me, "Mommm-my" and Justin "Dadddd-dy." He says the words almost like a sentence. So fetchin' adorable. We taught him how to pound his chest like an ape. Amelia started saying that things are "stonky." Crack me up. She also loves the DK Eyewitness books lately. We've read entire books on rocks, gems, space, human anatomy, and the water cycle. She is using bigger words and starting to understand harder spatial concepts. I am so proud of my little whipper snappers. I love that Amelia can identify classical music, especially Swan Lake Suite, Sleeping Beauty, and Nutcracker ballet. Our new baby must be growing something fierce. I am SOOOO utterly tired the past two weeks that napping is inevitable.  Only a couple weeks until my third trimester! Yipee! That means spring is coming.

Thanks to Catherine and Kate for the lovely visit. We enjoyed every moment! Amelia can't wait to drive to Utah and see her cousins and Kate friend.