23 February 2009

Our Gorgeous Baby

Today I had a camera urge. I needed to take a picture or shrivel up and die. Good thing Amelia has a never ending supply of cute outfits. I put her newest outfit on and headed to the Post Office to mail a couple letters. Across the street was a cool old door that served as a perfect backdrop! Amelia seemed to have fun watching the trains and posing for me. The weather was reasonably warm so we stayed outside for a couple hours playing. We even went to the park this afternoon. I was super tired this afternoon for some reason so took a 2.5 hour nap with Amelia. I was still tired after that long nap. Goodness! Maybe my tiredness is due to the fact that I keeping waking up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep for an hour or so. It's very annoying.

Sunday was a fun day at church. I subbed the 8-9 year old class for the second time. They are rowdy but my ingenious tactics kept them entertained for a while. We played a hands-on relay and put on a skit about Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry receiving the Aaronic Priesthood. We invited Alison and her 4 kids over for a spaghetti and hot bread dinner. Her husband went to Idaho and Utah last Sunday and returned later last night, so Alison was needing some adult conversation.

Justin worked half of Saturday. He took a nap with Amelia (poor guy) while I went to the gym and made a Walmart run for cheese. I made yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner, cafe rio style. I liked the recipe quite a bit although the dressing a little bit salty, even for my taste. Amelia continually entertains us with her vocabulary. Friday evening she found a "Temple button" in my button stash (it was actually a castle), the rest of the evening she went around muttering "temple button." She is also starting to learn some ownership boundaries. She constantly brings me my sewing or crochet, saying "Mommy's stuff." What a funny girl. We are working on being reverent during scriptures and prayers. So far she just screams in time out until I throw her in bed. I guess we've been too lenient for too long during family prayer and scripture. She constantly amazes me with phrases and cute little mannerisms.

Our home in SLC is still on the market. Due to an amazing weekend in SLC, we had 5 people look at our home over the weekend. We lowered the price on our home hoping someone will make an offer. All we need is one solid offer, the relocation company will take over after that even if the deal falls through later. We are praying hard that an offer will come soon. I pine constantly for my stuff! This week I really missed my kitchen knives and baskets to put all the miscellaneous clutter in. Little "B" came over and instantly asked me why my house was so dirty...good question little one. I don't have an excuse, but for now I will blame the clutter on lack of places to store everything. We are so glad John is back from Afghanistan. He should be home to Court by Thursday. My other brother, Fluffy, aka Jeff, should arrive back to the states within a couple weeks. I am so proud of my brothers!! Hooah!!