01 October 2009

Painting Up a Storm

Monday I packed up the kiddos and drove to Cheyenne for the day. The kids desperately needed warm clothing so I stopped first at a child consignment store and stocked up on shirts, pants, jammies, and shoes for Amelia and some pants for Phillip. Then we went to Target to get a bedding set for Amelia. They had everything I wanted except the decorative pillow, they even had the wall decals! I noticed Kohl's up the road so we made a quick stop there to browse the marked down racks. I found several pairs of leggings and shirts for Amelia to applique. Lastly, we made a mad dash to Hobby Lobby for yarn and fabric. I found three awesome hurricane lamps that match my new red walls. Hooray! We arrived back home poorer but a trunk full of fun stuff.The painting is coming along well. We have two finished rooms as of today. Yesterday morning 4 ladies and I tackled more painting. Between the 5 of us we finished repainting Amelia's room, painting our room, the bathroom, entry way, and started removing the painting tape. As I removed the tape the ceiling color came off as well. That means I have to cut in the ceiling paint as the tape is removed. I am scoring all the tape so at least the wall color is not coming off. I guess we taped the ceilings too soon after applying the paint. Once we finish the tape fiasco the next painting project will be all the base boards and trim. Justin is convinced I hate wood because I want to paint all the trim. Rather, to me the wood trim looks tired, all nicked and scratched after 30 years of family living. It is another tremendous job since all the trim is wood, including the paned windows. Call me crazy!

Justin and I are consumed with finding a new fridge, couch set, and other needed furniture that is within our budget. There is one local furniture store here in Sidney. The store is willing to match prices so we don't feel compelled to travel to another city. I hope we can find something nice AND affordable plus tuck some extra money away into savings.

The carpet and tile should be installed starting on Tuesday (the 6th). I called the store on Monday to get a firm date. The receptionist said that the crew was delayed and unable to install our flooring until the third or even fourth weeks of October. I about cracked a head gasket. She said the owner was out of the office so she would confirm this and let me know. The lady still had not called back by this afternoon so I called her again. The owner answered (much to my relief) and said his schedule was back on track and to expect his crew on Tuesday. That is a much better date than in two or three weeks. I am tired of waiting!! So, it looks like we can move our stuff in this next weekend or the week after. Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Lia are all coming that same week for a visit. I can't wait to see them.

Amelia is still dealing with digestive troubles. I've washed her carseat twice and her bedding 6 times in the past couple days. She woke up on Tuesday with more throw up on her bedding. Poor thing! The diarrhea is the worst to deal with because it does not stay contained in her diapers. Yuck...

Phillip is starting to smile now in earnest. He also loves to lay on his play mat and bat the hanging toys. He will get into a syncopated rhythm with his arms and legs moving the toys. I will update my video account with his newest antics. We love our Mr Snuffy!!!

The weather is very cold and windy today. I have a delicious beef stew simmering in the crock pot. I love fall and winter for the heavier meals that are so warm and delicious.