03 January 2009

New Year's

Happy New Years...two days late! Justin and I have spent the last four New Year's Eve's asleep! LOL! Guess we are lame that way. We did go over to visit with Charity, Melissa, Mom, and all the kids for a couple hours. Charity spread out a yummy turkey dinner for everyone. We stayed until the late hour of 8:25 then headed home. Amelia was bathed then put to bed. Justin stayed up to watch the Dark Knight, and I read a book. Exciting, eh?! Justin worked most of the day at KPMG. He came home with his soul, having returned the firm's laptop to prove he is no longer their slave!! He is free....at least until the 5th.

On New Year's day we recruited Kenny and Jeff to help us move some furniture and boxes to our newly rented storage unit. Amelia played with Kate and Malisia while we moved stuff. That took only an hour, so we went out to Five Guys for lunch. Catherine and the girls met us there for some yummy burgers and cajun fries. Justin is not a huge burger fan, so when he said that was the best buger he'd had all year I was very happy because I am a buger fan. Too bad we are moving to Sidney! Aunt Jana came over for dinner that evening.

I am not one of those who makes goals at New Years like: lose weight, be a better person, read my scriptures, pray more often, run a marathon, etc. I love to dream so try to live those dreams every day. Goals are part of my daily life, only making goals once a year is a set-up for near failure. What a party pooper I am today!

Last night we went to the Bountiful Temple for a session. Guess what, my recommend expired! Geepers, those two year recommends are awesome but harder to remember when to renew. I think having to get the new recommend messed me up as well. Since we were out and about we headed to Target for longing shopping and then dinner at Su Casa. Snow was pouring from the sky as we headed home. Justin started to pack up his car in the snow. He is halfway to Nebraska by now. It will be hard to talk much since all phone calls are roaming until we get new phones! So begins our new adventure!

We decided to have the movers come this next week (or in 7 business days from Monday) to get us all moved out. It is scary to move without our home under contract but maybe this is our leap of faith. I will stay here until the movers come then will be on our way to Nebraska. In the meantime, Amelia and I will be cleaning, packing, painting, and taking lots of naps. Hopefully, we will get to visit more family and friends before we move now that the holidays are over.