10 February 2013

Valentine's Box

I think we are finally on the mend! Cross my fingers...that was awful. I told Justin I would rather go through the Salmonella poisoning I had in Cape Verde than go through Influenza A again. Terrible. I am so grateful to Justin for taking two and a half days off work to help me get better. That helped immensely. Both boys are still coughing a ton and draining snot all over but are slowly getting better. Everett decided to teethe his bottom eye teeth this weekend. Now his feverish cheeks and extra dose of snot makes sense. The boys and I enjoyed two days with little or no TV. We cleaned, played games, read books, went outside, went to the park, and enjoyed playing in the craft room.
All week Justin looked forward to experiencing the forecasted blizzard. My friend Kayla said the blizzard was, "12 feet of wind and two inches of snow." That about sums up our flop of a blizzard. The Bishop cancelled church due to travel impediments for all those far from the building. Yesterday Amelia and I made her Valentine's mailbox. I found an idea on Pinterest to make a Rapunzel box with an oatmeal container. She picked out the paper, painted pink polka dots on the roof, and helped me glue and cut. I even made her brown hair braid movable! She spent quite a few hours playing with her hair..."Amelia, Amelia let down your brown hair!" Today we worked on her class Valentines. She chose a cute card on Tiny Prints and a snow princess photo to put on it. We made bags with tart rings, swedish fish, and her card. It was all terribly exciting. She helped me mail our family cards out yesterday too.
Justin is a funny man. I love him so much! His most recent hobby is shaving. Yes, shaving. He invested quite a bit of money into a double-edged safety razor, a variety of blades, shaving bowl, badger brushes, and a plethora of soaps and creams. About once a week we get a new sample of soaps or creams come in the mail. In the evenings I can hear him whip up a new batch of shaving soap and luxuriate in the delightful fragrances. He has some funny exclamations when his cream turns out amazing. A good shave is balm to his soul right now. Last week he got some Old Spice cologne instead of aftershave. He smelled like a proper gentleman. I also get a giggle when he watches Old Spice commercials on YouTube.
Phillip seems to think that he only has to stay in his bed until 1 am. Sometime after that I hear his door open and he bops into our room armed with his Buzz flashlight or wearing his McQueen headlamp. Nothing like an eye full of flashlight in the wee hours of the morn. Then he spends the next few hours snuggling me with his knees and elbows. If I put him back in his bed he promptly comes back. I am too tired to fight the battle all day and all night. So for now I will enjoy his warm little boy body and gnarly snuggles. Even his candy drool marks on the sheets seem to be a measure of love.