27 April 2010

8 Months Old

Phillip celebrated his 8th month on Amelia's birthday. I love having two kids with birthdays on the same day of the month. It was so cold and windy all weekend and even yesterday that I finally gave in and took his pictures inside. I had a huge plan to get both kid's photographed at the same time. Maybe soon! I found this cute fabric at the store last week commemorating "Golden Books." It was used as the backdrop! If anyone reads the Pioneer Woman website, she recently offered some Photoshop Elements actions for free. I had a great time trying them out. On to Phillip:

On our home scale he weighs about 17 pounds now. He is about 26.5 inches in length. This little guy loves to laugh, smile, and especially being held by Mommy. He is going through some attachment phases now, the eye procedure exacerbated his need for Mommy. He loves to give big juicy kisses and grab my face and neck then burrow. When put on the floor he manages to wiggle in circles and scoot backwards with his arms. He pretty much hates tummy time, sitting is much cooler. Phillip is a great eater. He is now eating three meals a day and nursing 4-5 times per day. Lately, he is becoming more adept at eating finger food like cheerios and soft bananas. Just this very morning he said "ma-ma-ma" during his breakfast. I think he was tyring to say num-num but ma-ma was easier. This kiddo is really ticklish. In the past week he started to play with his toys a little differently. He now bangs them together and mimicks the sounds. I showed him how to bang pegs on the toy bench and he about laughed his head off. Justin says Phillip is a "fuzzy little guy." Amelia loves to dance with Phillip. Me?, he is such a fun little baby. I enjoy every minute.

The Dresses

Here are the dresses! Course they look cuter on but she would not stand still for me, so all the pictures I did capture were blurry. My mom sewed the majority of the Aroura dress and the tail portion of the Ariel dress. Sister Jones serged part of the Ariel dress...it was so slick that I want a serger even more. All the dresses are adjustable so they will fit through ages 5-6. My favorite is the Belle dress. He he.

Amelia's Birthday Party

I am not much of a party person. We grew up with very plain parties, when we got one. Also, I am too lazy to get my bum in gear before the event. The cake nearly put me over the edge. Luckily, we had a package of crepe paper and some tissue paper for stuffing gift bags for decorating. Justin's grandma gave us a pretty cake stand when we married. I used it for the second time in 5 years! LOL. We invited over two families to join us in cake and ice cream. Of course the Hayley's came over! I invited over the Ryder family because Amelia just adores Talyah and Kyrah their two girls. Plus Phillip is destined to be little Romain and Cydahlee's best friend since they are about 10 days apart in age. It was a bit crazy, loud, and a lot of fun. The kids made so much noise in the basement we were afraid to go down there. I was relieved they mostly just made noise! We sang Happy Birthday and then opened presents. Deb Ryder's son, Gavin, also has a birthday on the same day. We ate some cake, sipped some ice cream, and drank some juice. Amelia was a bit overwhelmed by all the present opening action. Mainly, she recieved underwear, Princess dresses, some Christmas toy clearance I picked up, some princess lip makeup from Ella, a pig from the Ryders, dress ups from Grandma Debbie, and Strawberry Shortcake stuff from Grandma and Grandpa Call.

Justin modeled Amelia's princess dress for us! We had a nice post birthday melt down before bed. Bruce and Diana left early Monday morning. I was a little tired so put on a long movie for Amelia and took a nap. Phew.

26 April 2010

Nursery Cupcakes

Amelia signed up for the treat bucket on Sunday. She helped me make purple cupcakes with orange frosting! Mainly she licked the spoons and measured out food coloring for me, AND hid from the kitchen aid noise. She imitates the loud noises with her own screaming on pitch with the mixer. Strange kiddo! I set up the snack before the kids came in (took of the wrappers and set out napkins). Amelia's first words were, "Oh WOW, so adorable!" Baby Dan really enjoyed his cupcake (the little guy in the lower left corner). Little Matthew thought water was best placed outside the cup and on the table. Amelia will show you three fingers in a curved "A-okay" formation. We tried every combination possible and that was the one she could manage.

Favorite Things Exchange

Saturday was a rainy spring day here in Sidney. A couple weeks ago I signed up for a fun package exchange Alison's sister hosted. The challenge was to send 3-5 items representing our favorite things in a fun package through the mail. At least one item was supposed to be hand-made. These days we don't get very many fun mailings. My package come on Saturday, just in time to bring some cheer from the dark weather. Hooray! The lady who surprised me sent two pretty earrings, chapstick, organizer list, and pistachio chips with soft cheese to snack on. How fun is that? I like surprises!

25 April 2010

Three Years Old


Happy Birthday Amelia Jean

Our little girl is three years old today. It is hard to believe three years have gone by so fast. She started out life at 6 lbs 13 oz and 28 inches long. Wednesday she weighed in at 28.5 lbs and 36.5 inches tall. Her personality grows every day with her expanding vocabulary and language experimentation. Amelia was a very fussy infant and a horrible sleeper. Now she crawls into bed when she is tired to take a nap. She got a double dose of stubbornness from her parents and shows it quite often. We are hoping to have her potty trained before Elementary school. I think nicknames are very revealing! Hers include: Mia, Sassy Pants, Merry Mia, Amelia Jean Cuter than a Jelly Bean, Diva, Stinker, and Bubs. This little girl has us wrapped around her little finger. We gladly oblige! She is delightful, sassy, precise, and opinionated. Her love of music runs deep. We noticed her love of music around 6 months of age as she listened to the MoTAB perform. I will never forget the look of clarity she gave me right after being born. That little girl looked at me, waved, and held her head up high. She's done that every since then. My greatest hope is that she continues to hold her head high and face whatever this life gives her. Justin and I can hardly believe a person so cute and perfect was given to us.

Amelia is sweet, loves to cuddle, is imaginative, loves to imitate others, adores her little brother, loves her parents, and loves anything princess. She is very friendly and will talk to anyone without hesitation! I love her clear green eyes and smile dimples. She prefers hats over "ponies." Amelia loves books, music, and tea parties...and anything Mom is doing she wants to do too. She even exercises with me with her baby green weights (the .5 lbs ones).

Balloon Story

It's been a cra-zay week. I've had many late nights this week finishing Amelia's birthday presents and completing other projects. The weather was colder and windy this week so we mainly stayed inside.

Wednesday was a crazy day for us all. I packed up the kiddos early in the morning and drove to Sterling for a Dr appointment. We left early to get some shopping in. Our first stop was an amazing yarn store, Fiber Space, that mainly specialized in natural fiber yarns. I think I actually drooled over some of the yarn. I found a yarn that matched Amelia's Birthday outfit perfectly! Next stop was a little fabric store for some trim, button covers, and snaps. By then it was nearly noon so we had a long lunch at Burger King where Amelia played for a good hour. She and Phillip melted in Walmart (why does that always happen in Walmart?) soon after we walked in. I stocked up on a couple items our store does not carry. We played at a little park for an hour right before Phillip's appointment. I nearly left once a strange man dress as Michael Jackson started dancing in the parking lot. Luckily, a couple fire trucks chased him away.

I am very sad to note that Phillip's procedure was not successful. His right eye is very goopy and runny all the time. He is squinting out of that eye more and more as time passes. The Dr and nurse took him into another room, strapped him into a swaddling board, then two nurses held his head while another nurse pried open his eye. The Dr then threaded a thin metal tube into his upper then lower tear ducts. His upper duct is fine. The Dr was unable to puncture the lower duct, which would allow his eye goup to drain into his sinuses and nasal passages. The Dr said that Phillip has a lot of bone build up in the area his duct should drain. The next step is to wait a month and see if the duct clears up. If not we are to see a pediatric Dr (again) and have a full blown procedure complete with a scope, anesthesia, and possible corrective surgery. Poor kid will either have a goopy pirate eye or we will get it taken care of. I was not so happy driving home. We practically met the missionaries at the door coming over for dinner. I popped in a couple Papa Murphy's pizzas, thanks to Sterling, for dinner and whipped up a salad. Soon after our dinner all the YW in my ward showed up for their mutual night. We had a little lesson on photography then practiced poses and lighting on the girls in my little studio. It was fun! Some of the girls were total hams.

Thursday morning Mia went to play with Ella for a couple hours. I finished her princess dresses and cleaned up my mess. Nan and Susan came over after lunch laden with balloons, candy, and a cake for Amelia. Nan and Susan are our real estate agents. Susan is also Justin's bosses wife. Amelia was thrilled with her balloons. She ate a quarter of the cake, rather frosting for lunch. She sang "Happy Birthday to Amelia" while eating her cake and clutching her balloons. I caught her introducing the Princess balloon to the star balloon in a high pitched voice.

During piano lessons Amelia decided to take a walk outside...with her favorite Princess balloon. I warned her not to take the balloon outside, hum, she did not heed my warning. I heard a wail and worried exclamation after a couple minutes. I ran outside to catch a passing glimpse of the balloon racing into the Western sky. The look on her face was pure shock and utter sadness. She had the biggest collection of tears and sobs once she realized the balloon was gone. Honestly, I've never seen her cry like that. It was heart breaking. She called Daddy and could barely tell him what happened. So the sucker I am, we went on a search for a new Princess balloon. We found one at a local floral shop. This time we tied the balloon to a nice heavy rock. Amelia would not even get out of the car, inside the garage for fear of her balloon flying away. That experience was trauma drama.

Bruce and Diana arrived at our home early Friday afternoon for a short visit. They flew in from Virginia to Denver then drove here. Their trip coincidentally included Amelia's birthday today. Bruce took Phillip from me soon after walking him. He bribed him with an Oreo cookie. After Phillip's last experience with the Dr, he was very reluctant to leave me! Even an Oreo would not persuade him. By evening Bruce and Diana had his trust and amusement. Amelia immediately started talking their legs off. She showed them her dancing, her piano playing, her coloring, her vocabulary, and every trick that came to mind. We made a short visit to Justin at work then went to Walmart for my weekly grocery run. I made taco salad for dinner with Cafe Rio creamy tomatillo dressing. Yum!

Saturday we had a late breakfast at "Our Place" a local restaurant. The weather was cold, rainy, and WINDY. Yuck! Still we made an excursion to Cabela's to wander around and dream of stuff to acquire. Amelia sat in front of my cart and wheeled the cart around with her legs doing the walking. It is hard to explain, but she would sit and walk her legs propelling the cart. It nearly looked like the cart was moving itself. Amelia and I mixed and baked her birthday cake(s). It took three cakes to build a cake tall enough for our Princess doll. The largest layer was baked in a pyrex mixing bowl, then two round layers. While figuring out dinner plans I had to turn the oven off and on twice. The cakes ended up being very solid, sort of like dense fudge brownies. It worked great for holding a doll. Amelia was a little cranky so she went into her room...and fell asleep at 5 pm. I sent everyone out to Cabela's to check on the little cafe there. They closed down the good food part after lunch so we went to dinner at Buffalo Point. Amelia took a while to wake up and overcome her crankies. Phillip enjoyed gnawing on a dinner roll. Amelia did a pretty good job eating a helping of spaghetti. Our family sure is fun to hang out with! We love visitors.

With tons of encouragement and well-wishing I made my first Princess cake. Once the kids were in bed I stayed up until midnight making frosting and then decorating the cake. I decided the star tip is easiest to use so the cake has a lot of stars. I nearly panicked after putting the doll in the cake because the cake split apart. The wise words of my mother soothed me: frosting covers a multitude of mistakes (sins?). Har de har. There was enough left over frosting for a cupcake. I decorated it and left it for Amelia to find on her birthday morning. We love frosting for breakfast!

20 April 2010

Worm Dessert

Sounds yummy, huh?! Amelia loves to find worms in the dirt outside, which inspired me to make a dirt dessert for FHE. We made vanilla chocolate chip pudding, crushed some oreos, and stuck in gummy worms into a glass. It is actually really delicious and fast! Too bad it is not healthy too. Justin gave Phillip and oreo to enjoy, boy did he enjoy it. I think he actually ate 2 or 3 cookies. He had cookie crumbs stuck in his neck rolls, behind his ears, and in other cracks. Yep, he went sink tubbing. Sink bathing is really convenient. It is fast, at waist height, and perfect for sitting babies. The main attraction were the blind tabs. Our FHE lesson was on saying "I am Sorry." Amelia spends more time in time out for not apologizing than she should. I think she enjoyed the role-playing since mommy had a tantrum and went to time out until I apologized for hitting daddy. Our family LOVES the Nursery Manual for FHE. Fast, quick, and perfect for little toddlers.

Caution: Contains Cuteness

Here are some of the projects completed in the past week. I am having sooooo much fun creating, sewing, and trying on the clothes on my kiddos. Some are cuter than others. Hey, that is what happens! Sometimes my ideas fall short (like not so sure about the orange and pink shirt). Amelia inspired the ballerina shirt with her newfound love of ballerina music, ballerina flats, and her toot-toot. She wore her undershirt, tutu, tights, and flats all day. After dinner she came up to me and said, "Mom, I am a tired ballerina girl. Let's take it off and go to sleep." She did go to her bed, mostly to enjoy some binky time. What a funny little girl. She called me "darling" all day yesterday. The pants on Phillip are repurposed from a pair of ladies linen capris. I took my favorite pair of Phillip's pants, pinned them to the legs and cut away. They are a little wonky and long but still adorable. Good thing I have another pair of slacks to repurpose for him! The inspiration came from Dana at the Made website. Next pair will have knee pads on them!

Last night a thunder storm rolled through Sidney. After Phillip went to bed Justin, Amelia, and I went outside and sat on the sidewalk looking for lightening and listening for thunder. Amelia was snuggled in between Justin and I happy as a lark. She danced in the rain and let me twirl her around. She talked on and on about the rain, the lightening, and being with Mommy and Daddy. At first she kept talking about wishing on a red star. Justin was confused until he noticed a red warning light on a tower in the distance. We made wishes on the red star! The experience was so tender for us all. Amelia tried to recreate it this evening. Alas, there was no storm and Daddy was gone at work until 10:30 pm. As we sat on the sidewalk snuggled together she asked me where daddy was...because her other leg was cold.

Justin just brought me home a potted flower plant! I told him about 2 weeks ago I needed some fresh cut flowers (like gerbera's). Last night on Facebook I made a comment that he had not delivered yet. Ha ha, pressure.

18 April 2010

Phillip's yawning MAW

I noticed today how gaping large Phillip can open his mouth. While feeding him I was reminded of a quote from Josephine Baker: "I was learning the importance of names -- having them, making them --but at the same time I sensed the dangers. Recognition was followed by oblivion, a yawning maw whose victims disappeared without a trace." LOL...Phillip's food disappears without a trace...until it comes out the other end. This kiddo can pack away the food. He eats three meals now, probably a good 3/4 to 1 cup of food at a feeding plus 5 nursing sessions. I made him some ravoli (butternut squash, thank you Catherine and Jeff) for dinner. I think he ate more than Mia and I together.

We had a pretty good week! The weather was spectacular. We fertilized our lawn, watered the fertilizer in, prepped the garden box for square foot gardening, planted early spring seeds (peas, 6 types of lettuce, spinach, chard, carrots, radishes, etc), and cleaned out the wintered dead plants. Amelia had the time of her life helping me bang nails into the garden box to wrap yarn around for the square feet sections. Once I started planting seeds she about flipped out. I think she checks on our baby seeds about 10 times a day. Thursday she helped me plant the later spring seeds in peat pots for later outdoor planting. An older sister in our ward has a large garden space. She offered to let me plant corn, more tomatoes, and squash in her garden if I weed and care for it. She will get about a quarter of the harvest. I cannot tell you how excited I am to can and jar out harvest this year. I really HOPE the seeds grow!

Justin let me go to Walmart by myself late one evening. I did not get home until after 10:30. Shopping with no kids is heaven. I picked up a pair of discount ballet shoes for Mia. She can be seen prancing around in a toot-toot (tutu) and ballet slippers to various classical piano pieces. My sewing room is a disaster area right now due to 15 different projects in various stages of completion scattered about the room. I love it! Pictures coming soon.

Justin had a full Saturday of turkey stalking. Not sure if he actually shot at or near one, but he says the experience was educational. He had all his gear laid out the night before (it was a lot of stuff). Matt came and picked him up at 3:45 am. He snuck back home after 11 pm. I found him asleep much to my surprise soon after. The kids and I went to Walmart for bandaids and out to lunch for a diversion. I watched two girly movies, crocheted two hats and a flower, and appliqued three shirts.

Phillip learned to make "farting" noises with his lips this afternoon. He thought I was amazing once I started making the same noise back to him. Justin had a church meeting this evening. The evening weather was perfect so we basked in the side-yard. Amelia refused to put on proper clothing. She looks like a ruffian with her fancy pants, underwear shirt, dirty face, and slippers. I lured her outside with a promise to let her squirt water on the grass with a spray bottle. Phillip showed off his newly aquired clapping skills for my camera. Spring is everywhere! Hooray! Aunt Jana is famous for flying our little ones with the kid on her feet and flipping them over. Amelia is CONSTANTLY begging me to flip her like Jana. I got some fun pictures of her little face enjoying the excitement.

We had a BUSY week. Phillip is getting his eye looked at again on Wednesday. I am not leaving the office until the DR pokes a hole in the poor boy's lower tear duct. Oodles of boogers are constantly pouring from his eye. That night the YW are coming over for a photo lesson and fun photos in my studio. Friday Bruce and Diana are coming for a visit. Sunday is Mia's 3rd birthday. She is hoping for a Tiara, princess cake, Strawberry Shortcake play stuff (like Reagan has?) and presents. What a funny girl.