21 October 2008

5 Favorites Tag

5 Shows I love to Watch

Prison Break
CSI Miami
Criminal Minds

5 Favorite Restaurants

Bombay House
Cafe Rio
Noodles & Co
Del Taco

5 Things that happened yesterday

Went on a 3 hour grocery shopping trip
Amelia busted open her chin and chipped a tooth
Watched Kite Runner
Watched Mom's grill go up in flames

5 Things I look Forward to

Justin joining me in Jordan next week
Touring Jerusalem
Pre-Christmas photo shoots
Going to Petra with my family
Kissing Amelia as much as she will allow

5 Things I love about Fall

Changing wardrobes
Wearing hats
Eating popcorn, crisp apple, and sipping hot cocoa
brisk walks in the afternoon
crocheting in my warm house

5 Things I Wish

There were more hours in the day
That I had a couple more arms
I could take photos that didn't need editing
We lived on a barter system...money is too much trouble
I could read a book all the day long!!

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