11 November 2012

Sock Puppets

Monday evening we made sock puppets for FHE. Justin mentioned how much Phillip would LOVE one. Amelia really loved the puppets, not Phillip. Still it was fun to design something for kicks. Amelia helped/dictated me with her puppet. She decided upon a unicorn pegasus named Victoria. Justin's puppet is named side-tongue lizard because it's tongue lags to the side. Amelia spent the rest of the evening bossing us around as she organized puppet shows. It was fun. Phillip finally decided it was ok to say his name. When asked he will reply his name is Little Buddy...then say Phillip.
Wednesday Amelia's class earned a PJ party. She was excited to sleep in her PJs then go to school wearing the same clothes. It was silly to the max in her little book. School was cancelled Thursday and Friday because the girl's volleyball team made it to state. I guess when local teams make it to state school is cancelled so folks can drive to support the team. Nice! We enjoyed a very relaxed four days with no school. I hate daylight savings. It messes with little kid schedules and getting dark at 4 pm is no fun either. I had three photo sessions this week, one Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday was a newborn session with a hefty 9 pounder. He was so cute and squishy. Dad is a cowboy through and through. They wanted mostly simple photos showing off his little self. I love the simple ones.
I finished a cute flapper cloche hat for Amelia last week. She enjoyed modeling it for me in the last seconds before the sunset. What a silly, gorgeous girl. Yesterday Justin went deer hunting. It was bloody cold outside with fog and snow all day. It never got above 35 degrees around here. The kids and I went grocery shopping early Saturday morning. I hate going with all the kids. Phillip had a fit when I made him put back some McQueen jammies, Everett wanted to get out and run, and Amelia wanted a honking pig dog toy for herself. The chaos made me laugh. We spent 2 hours at Cabela's in the afternoon. First we had a yummy lunch on the balcony. Then we went shopping for Justin's birthday this week. Everett tossed his binky, we could not find it after searching for 30 minutes. A friend noticed the binky and knew Everett's binky by sight. She found us and returned the binky. Relief! I got a fleece pullover for myself. After checking out I noticed the fleece charged as $149. Yeah. I about fainted. I returned it and found the same fleece marked as $55 on the same table. North Face had put the wrong tag on the wrong item. Yikes. Glad I noticed. Trying to figure out the error with three kids was an adventure. Everett wanted to scale the mountain display. Amelia wanted to climb the shoe tester terrain ramp. Phillip wanted to play with the gun games. I wanted a nap. Justin came home around 4 pm in a flurry of snow and a tail of cold wind. LOL. He sighted several deer but could not get a sight on the deer through his scope with the cold fog masking his scope. He plans on going out later this week.
I made Christmas shirts for the kids this week. They turned out really cute. It took me several hours per shirt because each was pretty intricate. I should not spend that much time on Phillip's shirts because he just trashes them the first time he wears them. He got paint all over his cute R2D2 shirt within 30 minutes of wearing it the first time.
Justin and I got new church assignments this week. Justin is teaching the 9 year olds in Primary with Brother Franken. I am teaching the first year Webelo cub scouts on Wednesday. I taught them this past Wednesday...first thing I noticed: the boys were super stinky. New rule: shoes must remain ON during Webelos. We had the Sister missionaries and Tabitha over for dinner on Wednesday. Tabitha is coming over tomorrow evening for FHE and to hear the first discussion. I am so excited and inspired! I feel like she is so ready to hear the gospel. Pray for her!