03 March 2012

Upcycling Sweaters



I have a confession. I can't knit. Tried several times but never mastered the challenge (yet). However...I love knit hats for my newborn photography, especially for baby boys. My sweaters met a wonderful end as I cut and reshaped them into tiny hats and wraps. My only wish was that I had more old sweaters in more colors than green and brown. Guess my wardrobe is predictable. Our Salvation Army did not have any cute old sweaters for me to attack last week.

I made Amelia another tutu for ballet class, Cinderella style. She gave me a fine performance styling her newest skirt. I found a cute towel at Hobby Lobby that quickly refashioned into a darling apron. Everett out grew all his church clothes so I made him another tie shirt, this time with suspenders in front and back. I made two hats on our Denver trip, one for Everett and another for a newborn baby girl. I crocheted a mini blanket and headband for my studio prop closet. Lastly, I made the pioneer bonnet. It was a stinker to make because I was in a hurry. I ripped out about 5 seams, then realized the back was not full enough, slit the fabric and added a panel to extend the poof. That worked a bit. Good thing you only see it from the front! I was busy during those three week the family was sick.