16 February 2010

Chimney Rock, 4th Edition

We need to find a new place to show off when people come to visit us! Chimney Rock is close, church related, and mostly quick. Saturday everyone enjoyed a slow-paced morning. Kate is a couple months younger than Amelia. Amelia was so excited to have her "Kate friend" here from You-tah. Kate talks with a delightful lisp. She kept losing her way to "downstairs." Every so often she'd quip, "'scuse me, where is downstairs?" Malisia enjoyed using water colors most of the weekend. For breakfast I made yummy egg muffins, half plain with cheese and half with veggies. Amelia rode with the Taylor family, Justin drove our car, Phillip slept, and I crocheted two hats. It was heaven! Justin and I enjoyed talking on the drive over about finances and such. Hopefully soon we will invest in an electric wheat grinder. I am also planning a large vegetable garden this summer. I want to try seeds again; so far my seed starts have always died before they are even an inch tall.

The girls enjoyed playing at the Chimney Rock museum. It was a cold, blustery day, just the sort of day Christopher Robin endured. Phillip was so cute sporting a little mow hawk. We were so close to Scottsbluff that we had an early dinner at Wonderful House. I am not a fan of Chinese food, maybe the real Chinese food would taste better. Wonderful House actually has a delicious walnut shrimp dish that I can tolerate. We made a quick Walmart stop for drumsticks (for an actual drum), dinner ingredients, fabric, and er, ummmm, another camera. Yep, I just bought my 5th camera in 5 years. Last year Amelia dropped my little canon point and shoot from the top of the slide at the park. She snuck it out of my pocket. The poor little camera never did have clear pictures after that. The dust was imbedded on the sensor for over a year. My new trusty sidekick is a Canon Powershot Elph SD960 IS. It is compact and packed with options. Maybe too many options...mostly I just want a quick alternative for pictures and video.

Jeff set up RockBand for the adults to play once we arrived back home. Justin manned the mic, Catherine the drums, Jeff and I the guitars. I was so bad that my score didn't register. LOL. Catherine and I whipped up a bubble skirt for Kate in between reps.

Valentine's Day with Daddy

We celebrated our Valentine's Day on Friday due to Justin traveling to Canada. Last year we had a fun time visiting Justin at work then going to lunch. Repeating that visit made this a new tradition. Amelia and I made sugar cookies for his coworkers. I hate most frosting, so I decided to avoid powered sugar based frosting. Instead I made the same topping used on fruit pizza, a whipped cream, cream cheese, vanilla, and sugar confection; this time I added raspberry flavoring. It was delicious. I think we frosted our tongues as much as the cookies. Amelia had a delightful time getting messy and using her creative flair. She requested purple, pink, and orange frosting with heart sprinkles.

Poor Phillip was running a slight fever all day due to teething. You can see how happy he was! After Amelia passed out cookies to the ladies present we chilled at Daddy's "work house." Justin LOVES the twilight series (just kidding), my prank gift was a tin of candies supporting camp Jacob. We lunched at Pizza Hut's buffet. It was hard not to totally pig out on all the pizza. Justin came home with a potted yellow Mum plant. It will go in the yard once the weather warms up! In the meantime we are loving the bright yellow blooms.

My awesome friend, Catherine, her husband Jeff and two daughters, Malisia and Kate arrived late Friday night for a short visit. Catherine works long hours as a nurse so rarely has time off. I am so grateful they drove all the way out here for such a short visit.