06 May 2016

Three Months Old

Josie turned 3 months old while we were in Utah for Jeremy's wedding. I took some photos before we left and blessing dress photos after we got back. She is sure delightful!

She is pretty skinny and small considering her age, I measured her at home when we got back from Utah and she was 23 inches long, or in the 13.6th percentile. She weighed 10lbs 8oz, landing her in 2.3 percentile. Still, I am not too worried, she is consistently growing and gaining a bit of weight each time. She just has skinny legs and arms! She loves to extend those skinny limbs as well!

Josie enjoys playing with her toys on the playmat. She does a really good job whacking the toys and grabbing hold. This week she started using her feet to play with the toys as well. Josie is pretty content to lay on the play mat or chill in her bouncer while I work/clean. Since we got back to Utah little bird decided that long naps in her bed were not so great. She now enjoys long naps while I hold her. My lower back decided that was not a great idea. Still, I love to hold her precious little body and stroke her soft cheeks. She enjoys tummy time for small amounts of time, at first she would swing her great big noggin around like it she was a bobble head. After a couple weeks she is pretty stable!

Josie LOVES to smile. I mean really, she loves to smile. She is not as vocal as my other kids, but will softly coo and make sound effects. She smiles all the time which blends well with her chill attitude. Little one is developing a mommy's girl streak. She tolerates other folks holding her at times.

Since I am writing this on the 22nd of May, she found her hands, especially when she is front carried. The other day I caught her with her foot in her hand! She laughed for the first time last Sunday at Gina Hill. It was about the sweetest music ever! She laughed again at the dinner table while the kids were going nuts. She blurted out a cute giggle much to our delight. She looked gorgeous in her blessing dress. What an angel baby.