25 August 2013

Yep! He's Grown

Phillip is 40.5 inches tall, or at the 53rd percentile. He was born in this percentile and pretty much has stayed there height wise. He weighs in at 40 pounds, tipping the growth chart at 80 percent. Makes sense! He is a compact little boy. Per Dr Shaw his ears, mouth, throat, heart, lungs, and abdomen appear normal.

Developmentally he is pretty average! He say more than 250 words, can talk in sentences, struggles with speaking clearly, and can tell a simple story. He can name all the shapes and colors like a champ. Is learning the alphabet and numbers slowly but surely. He can put together 24+ piece puzzles alone. Physically he tops the charts with climbing, running, jumping, biking, hopping, etc. He does pretty well with fine finger skills too like getting dressed (he is actually better than Amelia at this one), can cut with scissors, build towers, open bottles, and rotate handles. He is just starting to make art work that resembles real life items. He drew me a chicken the other day. It looked like a dino but hey, it was a good attempt.

Phillip is one amazing little boy. His brown eyes are continually sparkling with adventure. He can be kind one moment and kick your bum the next. He gets into trouble but with no mal-intent. He is very curious! Out of the three kids Phillip is a champ at sharing and comforting. I cannot wait to watch and help this amazing little boy grow up. I think he will accomplish much with his sense of humor and Joie de Vivre. A very happy birthday to Phillip Big Boy (Call).

Phillip at Four


Ninja Party

Phillip invited just about everyone he saw to his ninja party. I capped attendance at 4 extra kids. He did not notice that the entire school population at Central did not show up after he yelled invites from Justin's truck Friday morning. Amelia and I attended the groundbreaking ceremony via satellite for the Ft Collins temple. We are so excited to have a temple an hour closer. While the girls went to the ceremony the boys worked on the yard and lawn. By 2 pm the party was ready to roll. It was pretty simple! I had a couple games planned, snacks, cake, and play time. Phillip amazed at my cake decorating skills. Yep! I made the most awesome ninja cake a 4 year old could ever desire. Just don't ever pin my cake on Pinterest.

The first game involved ninja masks, swords, and floating enemy balloons. The kids task was to pop the balloon enemies. The proved near impossible so I let the whack 20 balloons on the ground. Phillip discovered if you sat on a balloon and poked it with the sword it would pop. Very exciting. Brother Jones came dressed up in a Gi with wooden karate sticks. He let the kids beat him up for a while. I heard his knuckles were rather sore today at church from the beatings. He showed the mini-ninjas how to be sneaky, ninja rolls, kicks, and karate punches. That was the funniest show ever. Phillip and Connor were totally focused on Brother Jones. We had ninja snacks of cheese blocks, pretzel swords, blue juice, gummy nun chucks, and oreos. Then the kids went around an obstacle course: down the slide, into a somersault, jump across stones, crawl through a tunnel, jump through the swing, and walk the balance beam. After cake we had several blue faces, smeared with frosting. Phillip's little boy heart was full. He sparkled all day long!

I took him out for some photos one on one. He enjoyed smiling for me, genuine smiles, and more than a few growls. Phillip requested pizza for dinner. We went to the little pizza parlor down the street (this momma was wiped out) for pizza and spaghetti. Everett ordered 'pagettis and beatballs with doodles. He sure dug into his meal!

Busy Week

On top of all the crazy changes with school starting we had a very busy week. I started off the week with another Dr visit. Sister Jones kindly watched the kids so Phillip would not be tempted to sneak a peek at my bum again. I felt the baby move and my weekend labor stopped. Bummer. Dr Shaw set an induction date of August 27th. That will work out fine with everything this week has planned. Amelia enjoyed a dinosaur birthday party with Stella. She even brought home some dino party hats for the boys. Justin gave us all Father's blessings for FHE. I am so glad we can carry the tradition both of our fathers established. Sometimes we are not sure Phillip is paying attention because he wiggles so much. Well, he wiggled but paid attention to the blessings. Friday I was sitting down talking to Miekka when I felt grubby hands in my hair. I turned to find Phillip standing on his stool, his hands in my hair, ready to give me a blessing. He said, "Dear Heavenly Father, bless mommy be a good boy. Quiet in church. Christ, Amen!" He jumped down and kissed my cheek. Crack me up. Justin was thrilled Phillip followed his example.

Tuesday the boys and I went to the park for a picnic and to pass some time. It was HOT so we did not last very long after eating. Instead we went home and filled up the wading pool. The boys turned over the slide then played store. I finished making a set of onesies for Evelyn, showing weeks to one month old, then monthly. I plan on taking her photos on her crib quilt wearing the onesies at her milestone months. I even made an adjustable headband that will fit through a year old. The decorations are iron on. We picked up Amelia early from school for a Dr appointment. Poor kid has a raging bladder infection. We picked up her meds, two new booster seats for Justin's truck, and enjoyed ice cream after Phillip's preschool orientation.

Wednesday morning was pretty strange. Once Amelia and Phillip left for school, Everett and I stared at each other for a while wondering what to do! It was so quiet. I actually got the kitchen cleaned up without other messes popping up. Everett was content to play by himself with stacking cups for 45 minutes. Crazy. I must say, that was nice. Everett and I snuggled on the couch until we picked up Phillip.

The boys and I shopped for Phillip's party supplies. Phillip enjoyed picking out a ninja theme, color, and treat bag stuff. We made ninja swords out of 5 gallon paint sticks, electrical tape, and silver spray paint. I spent a couple days cutting and sewing 8 ninjago masks out of felt. Phillip's favorite undies are his Lego ninjago ones. I made him red and blue ninjago shirts per request. His cousins Seth and Jacob love Lego Ninjago. Phillip is not ready for legos but does love ninjas.

Friday evening we had dinner out in Peetz with the Dutton family, Janet Evanson, McMannis family, and a local family. Our ward has a rotating dinner group, every 3 months we have a new group to rotate. Brother Dutton grilled up burgers for the lot of us. The kids spent most of their time on the swings and trampoline. I found a new vintage chair at the antique shop, the lady gave me 4 hankies to boot. I whipped up 4 new bonnets in no time at all. I sold all the other bonnets posted last week. I am feeling so thrashed lately. Why? Snicker. I can fall asleep in a moments notice if I ever sit down. Thus, I don't sit down very often. My feet feel hot yesterday and today. I am so ready to evict this tenant.

First Day of Preschool

Phillip started preschool Wednesday morning. He will attend 3 days per week from 8-11, two days he has speech therapy from 11-11:20 on Monday and Wednesday. I found him a spot at the Learning Korner. His new teachers are Mrs Angie and Mrs Cassie. We all attended his preschool orientation Tuesday evening. Everett approved of all the fun toys! Phillip was so excited to finally be at school. He walked right in and plopped his school supplies on the tables then ran off to make new friends.

Phillip wants to be a race car driver ninja when he grows up. At least that is what he said Wednesday morning. By the afternoon he decided to be Phillip Big Boy Ninja Firefighter. I hope his teachers appreciate his kind heart and amazing sense of humor! Justin is able to drop both kids off on his way to work. Phillip felt like a big boy riding in the truck with Daddy. When I picked him up he was so excited. He was quietly sitting on the floor, Mrs Cassie let him pick a treasure from the box. He grabbed a monster toy. Oh boy. That made his entire week. I feel a little sad not to do joy school with him. There were not enough kids his age with mothers who stay home to make it work.

First Grade

We officially have a first grader ruling the roost! Monday evening we all went to South Elementary to meet her new teacher, Mrs Dobry. Amelia carted all her school supplies to her new classroom. Apparently, Amelia and I made the front page of the newspaper! All the parents filled out paperwork then listened to Mrs Dobry's orientation. Sounds like First grade will be similar to kindergarten. Mrs Dobry is expecting her first child in December! She is going to have a baby girl. Sounds like the sub chosen to take over will be a good choice.

Tuesday was very exciting! Amelia chose her outfit the evening before. She wanted to wear the same outfit she wore last year, but then decided to go with her second favorite. She looked so cute with flippy hair and prepped out for her first day. We got some cute photos before Justin dropped her off at school. My little poser! Sigh! Love her. The boys missed having her around to boss them about. We are excited for another awesome school year ahead of us. Amelia's favorite book right now is a joke book. She walks around with her nose in the book throwing around silly jokes.