12 April 2016

Josie, Two Months Old

She is a stunning baby. Josie is perfect in every way. She gives some sweet smiles, not too often but often enough to spend minutes crooning at her. Josie is not awake much during the day so we love when she is awake. Most of the time she is pretty content to be held by whomever will take her. She loves dancing with Mia, tolerates Phillip's antics, and especially loves Dad. Her favorite hang out is in the Moby Wrap with mom. She is starting to make sounds other than crying. We love hearing her sweet voice. Josie is working on tummy time once in a while. She does a pretty decent job of holding up her head for a moment or two.

At her 2 month appointment on the 11th of April, she weighed 9lbs 11oz, right around the 18th percentile. She measured 22 inches long, once again around the 18th percentile. Her head is 39 cm, putting her in the 37th percentile. Seems she is growing at the same rate as the other kiddos. I must make skim milk, just enough and not a spot more. She is my first kid to often have the shivers, it looks like she shivers whenever she pees. It is pretty silly, not related to her birth strangeness. She was dropped for the first time by Phillip of course! It was more of a joint effort, he was holding her while I tried to take off her blanket. Luckily, she flipped on her back, no harm done. Scared us both!