22 June 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Phew! We made it home, obviously, in one piece, or rather four pieces. We started our journey home early at 3:30 am. By 11:30 we were in Cheyenne! I was so glad we hit the mid-point at breakfast, eating at the same place we ate on the journey out. Justin wanted to look at a western store in Cheyenne so we stopped for a diversion. Amelia has a fun pair of pink boots, a new hat, play pistols, Phillip a hat, and me, my first cowgirl hat. It is pretty cute! Justin didn't get anything. Oh, the irony. While I nursed Phillip, Justin and Amelia went on a walk. They noticed a free horse ride around historic Cheyenne. We all went on a 30 minute ride learning about the local history. That was a super fun activity. Plus it felt awesome to stretch our legs. Nothing is better than home. Everything was in order and no huge catastrophic hail damaged my garden again. I actually really enjoyed getting home around 3:30 because we got unpacked, cleaned up, and ready for Sunday. Amelia delighted us by wearing her pistols, red boots, and hat around the side-yard shooting ants. That kept me in stitches.

John's Birthday Party

After my 6th night of little sleep I was falling apart at the seams. It was time to return home and get a full night's sleep! I made Anson and Phillip coordinating shirts, so we HAD to get some pictures of them together. Little Anson did not think this was a great idea, Phillip just sat there as usual smiling at my big black appendage. Managed to get one photo of them both being silly. While my camera was out and busy I snagged the other little ones running around for more photos. Mason is HARD to pin down for pictures. Little Phillip just loves Mason and vice versa. Mason was pleased to have his picture taken...if Phillip was in it with him. What cutie patootie boys. Five silly girls sat down for me and cheesed it big time. Libby is turning into a lovely young lady! Look at that red hair! I have some gorgeous nieces and nephews. We partially packed our belongings then I left to go run some shopping errands. I stopped at Toys R Us for more educational games. Amelia and I are going to have a homework hour each day until the fall when we will start a joy school. I found a little man outfit for Phillip of a tie, white shirt, and khaki pants. So cute! My last stop was to pick up my sewing machine. I specifically told the repair man my machine HAD to be ready by Thursday. I called the store both two and one week(s) before our trip to make sure they did not have a waiting time. It was not at the store. I nearly got mad but told them I was leaving the state for home and possibly would be back in a month. Grrrr. Forced sabbatical from sewing, ironic now that I have a new serger. Grandma Baerwaldt let me buy her practically new serger on Tuesday. Went with a sewing machine and came back with a serger. My exciting news is that I ordered my new camera, two lenses, and filters from Pictureline on my drive home. Soon my new Canon 7D will be at my doorstep. Cannot wait.

We let the kids take a nap in the car while I went to Walmart for chips, dip, and to readjust my sunglasses. Then Justin actually let me browse JoAnn's for a minute. I was running critically low on sewing machine needles, thread, brown yarn, and other basics. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with the Lances. John wanted a BBQ dinner for his birthday. He made hot dogs and roasted corn. Everyone else chipped in a dish or two. James and Miekka made some jalapeno poppers, goodness, those were good. John is a funny guy! He always has an amused look on his face as if he knows the joke the rest of us is missing. He will be an awesome daddy soon. I love to watch my brothers interact with all the kids. So much fun. John had a berry crisp for his cake with ice cream. Little Lia is about the cutest little toddler ever with the perfect amount of chub and smiles. Seth lost his first top tooth at the party. He is growing up fast. Hopefully, I can come back to photograph baby Lance and visit with my side of the family more.