16 December 2012

Da Punkles


The Bustle Before Christmas



Phew! This week was B-U-S-Y to the max. I made enough cookies to choke a camel, probably 12 dozen cookies. Shiver...sugar overdose.

Monday: My new elliptical machine came early Monday morning. I found the machine I wanted after trying some machines last week in Cheyenne. I found the same machine for $500 less on Amazon with free shipping. I decided since my photography income is stopping to get the machine. I've wanted a decent one for 9 years. This one is pretty slick! Photoshoot with little Connor and Regan from church in the morning. Poor Regan was not happy to sit by herself without her mommy. Made a delish cheddar-broccoli soup for dinner with the Sister Missionaries. Rushed them out the door to have FHE with the Betony family. We decorated a little tree, made ornaments, and gave them a bunch of clothing. We had cupcake cones for dessert to celebrate 4 birthdays in their family. It was a really fun evening!

Tuesday: I volunteered at the school holiday store all morning. The library was set aside for the store. The booster club set up about 12 tables with items the kids could buy ranging in price from $.25 to $5 per item. The kids came to the store with a list of people to buy for, a budget for each person, and money. The volunteers helped the kids stay on budget and manage their money. It was a lot of work but the kids enthusiasm was priceless. Amelia's Christmas concert was at 1 pm. The kids sang: Feliz Navidad, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, and several other short songs. I felt really grateful to hear religious music sung in her school program. The principal read Twas the Night Before Christmas. He is a really animated and funny guy. The kids LOVE him. As we left he wished everyone a God Bless at the door. My favorite song was a number the kids sang about the colors of Christmas. The kids waved red and green scarves in time to the music. Good job kiddos!

Wednesday: Took the boys to story time. Now that I am weaning Everett off his morning nap we can swing storytime in the morning. Phillip was very well-behaved. That kid absolutely adores reading and listening to books. It is because of his love of books that I am not worried about his speech and other areas that make other people think he is behind. To read books with the vigor he does negates many issues. Justin celebrated the McRib appearance at McDonalds with us for lunch. I tried one...Justin told me not to think too hard about it. It was...interesting. I made 8 dozen cookies to take to the ward Christmas program. Phillip used the dough to make pirate patches for his eyes. The kids had a blast cutting cookies and playing with the dough. Our ward put on a very nice program. The public was invited out to enjoy an evening of religious music. The choir did exceptionally well. Quite a few non-members came to hear the music. We snacked on cookies after the concert. Amelia looked so cute with her flippy hair. Lauren told me that Amelia looked like Matilda! Phillip found two cups to use as robot ears. He entertained many kids with his antics.

Thursday: I mailed our Christmas cards...hooray for me. Phillip enjoyed licking the envelopes for me. Yuck. Volunteered at Amelia's school helping out with centers. We learned about teddy bears in centers. Made more cookies for Alison's ornament exchange party. Rode with three other ladies and Amelia to the party. Amelia and Ella played while we ladies partied. Alaina brought a delish cranberry salsa and cream cheese dish. It was lovely. I made the best cookies ever: cherry-white chocolate shortbread. Alison's home is so clean, spacious, add in her amazing decorating style for a really, really nice home. Makes me want a new home, until I think about all my small little ones destroying everything. We had a great time talking and swapping stories. We played a right-left story game to exchange tree decorations. I need more evenings like that! Alison...I miss you! We are both a little too busy!
Friday: I heard the news report about the Connecticut shootings early Friday morning. As reported it sounded like a crazy guy had attacked an elementary school but no further details available. Later I heard the terrible facts of all those little children and adults. Made me sad for that poor boy, his family, the little ones/adults and their families. Justin came home and hugged our boys tight at lunch. Phillip helped me start assembling the new elliptical machine. I got as far as possible on my own. Phillip helped me tighten bolts, lose a couple screws, push things, and have a ridiculously fun time. Amelia had Stella come over after school to play. Carly Campos and I combined to have a piano recital. I only have two students now. I think recitals are important so wanted them to have that experience. Carly has 7 students so we had a little recital together. Right before the recital Carly's daughter split open her head. She dropped husband and daughter off at the ER on her way to the recital! All in all everyone performed well. I am so very proud of Lindsay and Traeli. More cookies after the recital. I taught Amelia to play the first notes of the Pink Panther. She asked me what I was playing, I responded, "No Golden Carriage, No Bright Toy." Her response was, "Mom, why aren't you playing Pink Panther?" Silly me.
Saturday: Went Christmas shopping with Amelia and Phillip for Justin at Cabela's. We lost Phillip for a good 10 minutes. A code Adam closed the front doors until he was located. It seems he came from the gun side of the store. That kid loves knives. The store was insanely packed with people and product. It was hard to maneuver carts through the stuffed carouls of clothing and gear. We made it work. Half way through we took a break to visit with Santa (again), color some pictures, write a santa letter, and get snacks offered at the craft tables. Fun times. Justin assembled the rest of the elliptical machine.
**one day this week Phillip came running into the kitchen. He yelled: Mom! A giant! His eyes were huge and aimed at the ceiling. I feigned amazement, Yes! A giant. Phillip asked me to kick its bum. I did but not with enough finesse. Phillip had to vanquish his giant. A moment later the giant was replaced with a tiny puppy. He plays fetch with his imaginary puppy quite a bit.
***Everett's favorite show is called "Timmy Time" he can say Timmy quite clearly. Melts me. He also loves Yo Gabba, Gabba. I love the way he dances lately. That kid has some moves.
****Amelia is screaming a lot lately. I started taping her mouth shut if I have to ask her more than a couple times to stop screaming. Pretty effective.