13 September 2008

Where All Your Wildest Dreams Come True

This afternoon we decided to visit the Utah State Fair...where all your wildest dreams come true. We resisted the greasy funnel cakes right off the bat! That was a major accomplishment. Instead we had Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. How come greasy food is so tasty? Amelia was not too sure about seeing real animals up close. The huge pigs scared her. She popped her two fingers in her mouth as a reassurance. We saw the sheep, cows, goats, rabbits, and poultry in turn. She warmed up to the idea of live animals with the sheep and goats. I loved hearing her little voice saying baa, baa or mahh, mahh as we walked along. The best part was the hands on farm. She toted her little basket along collecting corn kernels, apples, milk, veggies, wool, etc. At the end you could "buy" a snack, we chose mashmellow mateys. Yum! My splurge of the day was a child-sized cowboy hat. Probably, grossly overpriced but completely cute. I really enjoyed browsing the photography exhibits.
This evening Justin and I attended a Food Storage Seminar by a lady who is completely amazing. She even has a website with tons of recipes, tips, and encouragement. Check out her site: www.simplylivingsmart.com

Saturday Morning Ride

Amelia and I enjoyed a bike ride this morning! The weather was perfect! I could bike forever in weather like today. Amelia took a snooze after drinking her milk, playing with her Ernie ball, and farm toy. Justin attended a leadership meeting for Regional Conference. President Monson spoke as well as a related cousin, Elder Call. He said the meeting was really interesting. I can't wait to wheedle the details out of him.