17 February 2011

Case of the Sillies

Last night I about died laughing...twice.

Scenario 1:
setting: kitchen, cleaning out fridge.
I removed the drawers to wash them out. I went to put the drawers back in and guess who was in the fridge? Yep! Phillip. He was pleased as pink punch having found the perfect sitting spot. He even scored a gogurt in the process. Amelia was a little jealous of his ingenuity, she figured out how to squeeze into that small space with Phillip.

Scenario 2:
setting: kitchen floor, cleaning the stove.
I heard a loud squeal from the floor. Turned around to find Phillip stuck inside my stock pot. He had one foot in the pot and the other sticking out near his shoulder. He got out with my help...then got back in. Seeing him stuck inside that tiny pot about pushed me over the edge. Laughing. So funny.

Enjoy some of my purty yellow roses!

We went to the park yesterday to enjoy some amazing weather. Took a little picnic lunch for the kids and spent 90 minutes in the sun, accompanied by only a light breeze. Phillip immediately took to stuffing his diaper with rocks, then moved on to piling dirt on the slides and swings. Of course he was mainly attracted to the dangerous equipment like the merry-go-round and the steep/tall twisty slide. Today?! Winds of 30-100 mph all day long. Shoot! This evening my amazing friend Catherine and daughter Kate are arriving for a weekend visit. We are all very excited. Amelia wants to sleep in her playhouse with Kate.