22 June 2008

Nerds in Love

This week was much better that the last. Amelia is feeling much better. Her second front tooth is trying to make an appearance…at long last. Four teeth by 14 months is pretty good.

My big goal of the week was to get my and Amelia’s passports completed and submitted. We made an appointment at the Magna Post Office for Wednesday morning. I went Tuesday afternoon but realized that Justin needed to be present. Putting our names on an appointment list made the trip out to Magna seem worthwhile. We went swimming with Charity and Melissa after the post office then made a stop at a plant nursery. I purchased some sand for Amelia’s sandbox and a nylon grid to tie up my tomatoes. Late Tuesday afternoon I FINALLY checked my messages only to find out that enrichment was in a couple hours. The problem was I volunteered our home as part of a “parade of homes.” Luckily, our house is usually very clean. Justin came home early and helped vacuum and straightened up the upstairs. I straightened up the rest of the house. Usually, it takes me a whole day to clean the house. With his help it only took an hour. We toured 4 homes in our neighborhood. The Handy’s home was awesome. The previous owner made a fourth floor in the attic/roof area. It was air-conditioned, light, and very spacious. I was envious of all the extra storage space.

Wednesday morning we paid Homeland Security $225 for our passports (yikes!). Then I went to Old Navy and spent some more on cute shorts for…me! My good friend Sarah met me at Old Navy. We perused Target for a while then hopped over to Chic-fil-a for lunch. Bridger is totally ready for a sibling. He “helped” Amelia with this and that. In fact, Amelia is ready for a sibling too. She needs to learn how to share and not throw tantrums. For dinner we drove to Mom’s home. PFC Fluffy (Jeffrey) is visiting for 18 days from Iraq. He looked tan, lean, and mean. We snacked on cold ham and cantaloupe, fresh bread, and watermelon for dinner while Jeff told us all about Iraq. He seems to be enjoying himself. The army keeps the soldiers busy so there is not much time for goofing off. Still I was thoroughly grossed out by a video he showed of his team poking holes in and throwing around a dead donkey to check for IUDs. The donkey ended up in some poor Iraqis living room after being thrown over a bridge. He wore a Dr Pepper shirt and Mt Dew pants. I wonder what he likes to drink? Pepsi? LOL.

Friday we went to the zoo. We went to see mom Friday night. Amelia showed off her new skill of standing, balancing, and taking little tottering steps. She stands with a huge grin on her face and balances with giggles. So cute. Saturday we went hiking at Donut Falls. See previous blogs. We are trying to cram as much Mom, Jeremy, and Jared time as we can before they leave in 2 weeks. So we had dinner over there. Mom and James both made oriental dishes. I made the odd-man-out dish with a totally tex-mex black bean and corn salad. It made for an odd combo. During our hike on Saturday Justin was using his GPS unit to tell me we only had 442 steps steps to go and I said oh like less than a quarter mile. He said, a mile has 5280 feet, so it was less than a quarter mile. It said the exact same thing but differently. After dinner the adults were sitting around the table talking. I was calmly crocheting a pair of uber cute mary jane booties, when Justin starting spouting off detailed gun specs. I started to mouth him in irritation. Jana noticed my little passive aggressive stint and called me on it. I started laughing so hard my face turned red. Justin was doing the same nerdy spoutation of interesting facts. He kept going ignoring my gales of laughter. I married the best nerd on the planet. He makes me laugh!!! Later I came to a difficult part of my crochet pattern. He made fun of my nerd crochet language..."oh, you h-d-c over the d-c 8 times." I deserved that.