05 August 2011

For Daddy

My Daddy is a die-hard Star Wars fan. Jedi-mind trick! Those guns at Cabela's are not the guns you want to buy. Phoosh, may the force be with you.

Camping Day 2 Completed

We all had some lunch back at the campsite. Dave and Doug took the guys, including Seth, out to shoot guns for a couple hours. The weather clouded over and sprinkled a bit here and there. The girls and kids watched a movie while the guys were gone. All the kids really needed some rest. I helped Miekka with dinner prep and Courtenay made paper rockets with the kids. After the guys returned and dinner was nearly ready we decided to pack up and head home. The weather prediction called for a lot of rain over night and into Sunday morning. We ate a delicious meal of boneless ribs, beans, and fried potatoes. After dinner there was a mad dash to clean up, pack up, and clear out. I left first with a van full of crying kids. Poor Phillip had a nasty diaper rash, his thighs were rubbed raw. I took the northern route back to Logan. I saw about 10 deer on the road so our going was slow and a little nerve wracking. Everett cried for the first 90 minutes of the ride. Only the last 30 minutes were in relative peace. I called ahead and asked Grandma Baerwaldt if we could spend the night. It was an awesome decision all around. We pulled in around 11 pm. Amelia and Phillip went right to bed in a super deep sleep. Everett and I soon retired after chatting with Uncle Dave.

Wow! Visiting with Dave and Grandma by ourselves was a real treat. Phillip woke up first so we went downstairs and watched the chickens for a good hour. Dave made me breakfast...that rarely happens!! I bathed the kids, talk about dirty water. We visited until Grandma needed to leave for church. I was packing up the van when I overhead a conversation between Grandma and Amelia:

Grandma: Amelia? Do you know I am your great-grandma
Amelia: ....I am a great kid!!!

Grandma and I laughed and laughed. That was music for our souls. We stopped to visit with Charity and Grandma Call on our way down to James and Miekka's. Kenny helped me salve and bandage Phillip's thighs. Dad suggested we meet for dinner at James' to finish our last day of camping. John made his amazing waffles for breakfast dinner. Dad had everyone present their favorite New Testament story for FHE. That was a long, long day.