23 June 2011

Lemonade Stand

The weather was perfect today! The kids are feeling much better! We invited Ella over to play for the day. During the winter a lady in my ward found this darling lemonade stand at Big Lots for me. We put it to good use this morning. Amelia helped me bake snicker doodle cookies and the girls helped me make the lemonade. I sort of wish we had a cutesy pitcher! Oh! The excitement ran high when I took the stand outside and the kids their chairs. Lots of folks drove by and honked or waved but only two "customers" stopped by. Phillip drank half the pitcher and ate about 6 cookies while the girls yelled "Lemonade Stand!" Everett even opened his eyes for a good while to enjoy the outdoors. Our first customer was a guy named Kevin. He ended up giving us an estimate to replace our roof. The hail last week really beat our roof to pieces.

After lunch the girls played mommy and baby. Ella was the mommy and Amelia was the baby. They were in her room for about an hour! Ella fed Amelia a bottle of water, put drops and fluff in Amelia's ears, and read her stories. We finished off our playdate with a run on our slip and slide in the sideyard. It feels great to finally feel confident enough to invite folks over.

Mr. Sandman

We are thoroughly enjoying our new sandbox. The range of emotions, especially Amelia's, makes me smile. Phillip is learning how to push her little buttons, which he does with gusto. Amelia helps Phillip with a sand treatment. That kid was oozing sand. He even had sand in his ear canal and encrusted all over. He insisted on not sporting a shirt the other day. He looked so hilarious covered in sand. Amelia squealed each time Phillip got close to her with sand. He ended up dumping a bucket full on her head.

Mini Houdini

Everett is my first child who can wiggle out of any swaddle. He always ends up with one or both arms out. He hates his binky and longs for his fingers. I even safety pin the kid into his swaddle and he escapes. Miekka taught me the secret art of tight swaddling. I am an expert swaddler, he is an expert escape artist. The only time he does not get out of his swaddle is when he is deeply asleep when I swaddle him. Isn't it strange to use swaddle as a verb and noun in the same sentence? LOL.