31 July 2008

Drama Queen in Training

So far our week was really good! Amelia and I took 3 bike rides down our favorite route. Justin went camping with Kenny, Spenser, and Mason down in American Fork Canyon. He said it was hard to sleep but fun. They went fishing this morning and caught some fish!! Amelia and I stayed home. I found some fabric to match a hat for an outfit I am working on and we went to Cafe Rio while the guys toughed it out. I finished reading Fablehaven for the second time late last night. Yummy book. This morning Amelia started asking for Setie (Seth) and achy (Jacob). We met them at the Murray DI. I ran into Justin's cousin's wife (Kari)...who is moving to Virgina tomorrow. I love how Utah can be such a small world.

For dinner I made Calibacitos (a squash, tomato, corn dish) with fresh vegetables from my garden. Justin even ate seconds! That warms my little heart to see him eat more of what I make. Grandma Jean gave me a recipe for a cream peach tart. I used fresh apricots from Mom's tree instead of the peaches. It was good but not as tasty as Grandma's. The apricots were still a little too tart.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

oh good you found some fabric! LOVE her onesie, hehe! I'm feeling alright...as good as can be expected I suppose! :-D

Taylor's said...

Love, love, love the onesie! Now do they come in bigger sizes???? I need one for Malisia!

Can't wait to see the next craft project you have up your sleeve!