13 December 2008

KMPG Parties Like There is NO Tomorrow

De-bo came over yesterday around 5 to watch Amelia for the evening. Justin and I attended the annual KPMG Christmas Party. This year it was held at the Little America Hotel, downtown. The partners passed out appetizers much to the delight of the underlings. They were pretty good sports! We sat with some folks at dinner we did not know very well so enjoyed getting to know new people. Our salads were very posh. Two long slices of cucumber encased salad leaves, onion, bleu cheese, dried tomato, and croutons in the shape of a circle. A server dressed the salad separately. The main course included fillet Mignon, grilled salmon, a baby carrot, and mashed potatoes. Entertainment was provided by Quick Wits, patterned after Whose Line is it Anyway?. They were pretty funny. Dessert followed of dark chocolate cake and raspberry sauce. I talk about food because that was almost the most exciting portion of the evening...and a phone call to Miekka. We did enjoy an evening out on the town dressed up sans baby. It gave us a chance to talk about Sidney, NE and other subjects uninteresting to 20 month old baby. Amelia tricked De-bo into telling her that she slept in our bed. We came home to find her wiggling about in our room. She is a tricky one!
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