07 April 2010

Plethora of Crafties

Amelia's 3rd Birthday Outfit (ruffle tulle skirt, appliqued shirt)
Puppy Dog Shirt for Phillip
Ruffled Onesie with matching clip and flower applique
Felt Rose Clippies (Thanks Jessica)
Phillip's Easter Hat
Amelia's Easter Hat
Pear Hat for Amelia
Pear Hat for Phillip
Vintage Yoke Shirt for Amelia
Tie Shirt for Phillip
Elephant Shirt for Phillip
Crocheted Diaper Cover
Would you say I have a plethora? I am in the beginning phase of making spring/summer clothing for my kiddos. What you see in this post is from the past month. I also crocheted four hats that were not photographed for some clients. Alison is sporting a fetchin' cute teal hat that makes her look so spring-ish. Course, she looks great in a paper bag so I am not surprised! LOL...

Mom and I worked on Princess dresses yesterday. She sewed the Aurora dress I cut out last week while I cut out the Ariel dress and two more skirts. One skirt is nearly completed...look forward to pleated skirts next week! Now I only have about 6-7 shirts per kid plus skirts for Mia and some pants or shorts for Phillip. My next month is relatively full with sewing and crocheting. Yipee!

3 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

Today felt like a paper bag day! You goof ball...but thanks for the sweet compliment and for the gorgeous hat! Great job on everything!!!

Courtenay Beth said...

AAAAAAHHHH SO. Much. CUTENESS going on!!!! I LOVE how your kids' clothes are all bedazzled. NOt one plain Jane outfit...I. LOVE. It!!!! How do you decide on how many to make per kid per season? So curious. Can't WAIT to see the princess dresses!!! YEAH! Diaper cover...SO CUTE!!!! I'll probably have to copt the elephant shirt, LOVE the tail!!! And the vintage Yoke Shirt...yummY! Keep up the crafting. I would DEFINITELY say you have a plethora!!!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

holy moly girl. you're amazing! love the clips, of course, and the cute tops, etc...etc...etc....you're like the energizer bunny :)