07 January 2013

Snow Chickens and Dinos Roam the Land

Wednesday I wanted to do something "FUN" with the kids. Alison and Ella came along for our adventure. We ended up wanting to play cheap so let the kids play at MCD play area for an hour and a half. The structure was a discovery maze so more fun than the usual fare. We saw snatches of the kids in between bites and sips. Then we went to the mall for a bit. The kids played in the play area for a good 45 minutes. Alison and I took turns shopping about a bit. I found some Yo Gabba, Gabba shirts for the boys. It was beyond exciting. Then we stopped off at Target for more shopping, a short hit at Ross and TJ Maxx. Then we headed home. Amelia was near tears because I told her we might go to Chuck E Cheese, which was the plan until Alison and I decided driving 2.5 hours for Chuck E Cheese was not such a good idea. Amelia is now planning her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. If she mentions it again without me prompting her Amelia owes me a quarter. She is persistent and repetitive. The girls had a fun time. Everett did not nap the entire day, he surprised me by not getting too crabby before bed. I sure do enjoy those days we can spend with good friends making fun memories.
Thursday Amelia started back to school. I wish they school district had waited to start until today. The kids did not do much, except maybe review stuff. She was super excited to being her favorite gift for show and tell on Friday. Amelia brought a picture of her crayon maker and the melter tray and molds to show off. The boys and I enjoying warmer weather...if you call 35-43 degrees Fahrenheit warm. We spent several hours outside playing in the melting snow. Everett looked so darn cute walking around like a penguin dressed in winter clothes. Phillip pretty much just laid on the ground licking dirty snow off the ground. Or maybe he was trying to turn his snow mound into an ice mound. Not quite sure. I made Venezuelan Arepas for dinner on Thursday. They turned out pretty tasty and were relatively easy to make, like less than 45 min total.

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