03 September 2017

Evelyn is 4

It seems like this one is growing up way too fast. She is a feisty, sweet, stubborn, pretty little girl. Evelyn had her party planned for quite  along time. She was pleased as punch to get an Elsa car. This year she finally potty trained. She is not ellie the binky trained. Getting that item away from her is worse than convincing her to do something. Evelyn loves: apple sauce packets, snuggling with Dad, sleeping with mom, eating soup for breakfast, playing with her kitchen/dolls, fashion, and reading books. She hates: going to bed, brushing her hair, retrieving items mom asks for, cleaning up, and leaving Ellie. Evelyn packs a purse of toys when we have to run errands. She is very fond of accessories.

Looks like she weighed about 31.9 pounds (23.6 %) and measures 37.75 inches (12.2 %). These numbers came from a home scale and measuring stick. Her well child will be in a couple weeks. Seems like she is hitting most of her developmental goals. She can identify her shapes, colors, and some ABCs. She can ride a strider bike, push along on a scooter, jump, run, and climb. She can dress herself with some assistance (dresses get a little caught up). She loves to draw and color. I would say her speech is a bit garbled, because of her binky friend. I often feel pretty embarrassed about her binky usage. This kid is loud and let's everyone know. We are working towards only usage at night or in her bed.

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