02 September 2020

Phillip is 11


Phillip. He is a strange breed of dinosaur. He is all 11-year old boy! Starting to reek of pits and stanky feet. Those aside this kid is so snuggly. His hugs are the best in our family. His smile will bring you out of the darkest days. Phillip is learning to be helpful and kind, especially to his little sisters. I love the bond Phillip and Everett share, they are close friends. 

If you catch a side-glance of Phillip you might see a T-Rex Pterodactly mix winging by. He still sleeps with his feet resting on his cheek. He can put his feet over his head! Phillip is now wearing a size 12-14 for girth but a 10 for length. He loves to play with his Legos, Pokemon, and stuffed animals. He is growing his love of reading. We are reading the Fablehaven series out loud right now. I love discussing the books with the boys after reading. Their theories are wild and amusing. Ambree reports he eats paper and dirt. Maybe his brain cells haven't kicked in yet. Maybe he is craving trace minerals. Phillip astounds me with his spiritual depth. He has Justin's intuition for spiritual things. 

At his well child the 31 August 2020 Phillip weighed 104.8 lbs 90th percentile and 56.6" 49.5th percentile. He just started methylphenidate (Ritalin) for his ADHD. He is taking the non-extended drug because the extended version was way too expensive. I like that option since he only really needs it in the mornings. I suspect he will grow a couple inches before Halloween!  

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