28 October 2012


Here are some funny things Phillip says of late:

Giant and Tiny. Example. Mommy is giant, Everett is tiny. Most kids say big and little. He has to have his socks pushed all the way down to his shoes, tiny small. I convinced him to wear tights for Halloween by saying the tights were GIANT socks.

Schloober. The mysterious clear liquid that is constantly coming out of his mouth. He was cleaning the dinner table with his tongue this evening and proudly announced, "Schloober!" I say Lysol.

Wittle buddy. Found Phillip and Everett in our room this week. Phillip had a personal beard shaver, turned on. He said, "Here wittle buddy, sit down, no move!" Everett almost got a reverse mohawk.

Apple treats: refers to small tomatoes, red apples, and his sippy cups that have two apple decorations

My green: he is very attached to this poor playtex nurser with a green rim, it is cracked and bitten all over. About 6 times a day he asks for "strawberry in my green"

Prayers: Day, day, day, day, day, day, amen
              Day, day, day, park, day amen
              I must say day alot! Like please bless us to have a good day, day at school, day at work, etc

Found Phillip flipping through a Far Side book laughing his head off. He thought the drawings were so silly.

I lub it my bison, my daddy monkey, my mommy monkey, my lion, my baby monkey duck

He whistles when he says noooooo, it ends in a whistle.

Most of his imaginary play revolves around Justin coming and going to work in his gigantic truck


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