28 October 2012

Trick or Treat Street


Friday was a school holiday! I loved having Mia home all day. We really miss her. She keeps the boys entertained! Our day started early with the twins coming over for the day. A little while later I had a newborn photo session. Talyah (the twins sister) came over to help herd the kids while I photographed the 4 siblings and then just the baby. She kept the boys and Cydah in my sewing room playing house for 40 minutes while my 6 foot wide paper was pulled down. Little Aspen was an angel. She slept like an angel for the entire session. I needed to get out of the house so we went to MCD with all 6 kids for lunch.
Around 3 we left the house all decked out for a visit to Daddy's work house. Phillip's Woody hat caught the wind and went rolling down the parking lot. Phillip was almost crying as he ran after it. I caught the hat, he hugged my leg saying, "thank you mommy, you a winner!"  As usual Cabela's pulled out the stops for their annual trick or treat street. This year we had to wait in a long line. The rooms were even more amazing this year: Alice in Wonderland, Nemo, Pirates, Disney Princess, Woodland, Toy Story, and Spiderman. The line took so long because the photo studio was part of the line. Phillip was really scared/impressed with the spiderman room. We got a can of silly string to shoot at the bad guys. It was pretty intense for the little buddy.
Saturday Everett, Mia, and I all got hair cuts thanks to Deb! Amelia was in raptures while Deb shampooed her hair. She had us all in giggles while she preened after her cut. She only got a trim and a blow dry. Crack me up. Justin and I really wanted to get out of dodge for a few hours. We left for a short trip to Scottsbluff (90 min drive). About 70 minutes into the drive Phillip woke up out of a dead sleep and threw up all over himself and his carseat. As we cleaned up Phillip Amelia threw up down the side of her chair, into her cup holders, the "treasure chest" compartment, and down on the carpet and trunk carpet. We turned around and went home. So much for a day out. I dismantled the seats and Justin cleaned the carpets instead. Guess our kids inherited the Call family car sickness gene. Gross. At least I got a longish nap and we listened to some General Conference.  
I took Amelia and Phillip with me to walmart. Phillip found a dog toy left near the diapers. It was a pig that made a squealing sound when squeezed. He squeezed that pig until *Amelia* exploded saying, "Phillip! You better stop honking that pig! I mean it!" He honked that pig until she turned purple. I bought the honking pig! Now the kids are honking the pig by landing on it with their cute little bum cheeks.    

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