13 April 2008

I had a crafty week!!! I crocheted 3 hats, made about 10 more hair clips, 4 bracelets, two tutus, 2 scrapbook pages, and Amelias birthday invites. Amelia finally crawled across the room on Wednesday night and has been creeping all over the main floor. She even managed to roll down two stairs and bonk her head! Her favorite place to crawl to is the TV cart, pull herself up, then push all the buttons. The TV is now unplugged during the day!! She is still clompy when she crawls, I am sure soon she will crawl with more finesse.

We went to Smith's for the semi-annual caselot sale and supplemented our canned vegetable and fruit supply. I only need a couple more items before we could sufficiently survive for quite a while. I am grateful for the spiritual promptings to prepare and for a husband who listens to me!
Amelia and I went to visit my mom on Thursday to show off Amelias new crawling skill. She clomped across her carpet several times grinning with delight and clapping after completing her feat. Punkle Joe and Aunt Jana had fun playing with her for a while.

My good friend, Catherine, emailed me a couple weeks ago about a large consignment sale at the Hilltop Episcopal Church in Sandy. Twice a year the church sponsors a consignment sale of maternity, girls, and boys clothing, toys, etc. I met Catherine and my mom there for an hour of fun shopping. Catherine was only there about 30 minutes and my mom a couple minutes. Catherine was super-shopper supreme. In about 5 minutes flat she had tons of cute outfits for both her girls and her little niece. Amelia helped me shop since she was in the front carrier (she pulled all the clothes off the hangers that were within reach). I went crazy, yes, I said crazy! I spent about $80 on clothes for this summer and next for Amelia and clothes for my new nephew, Elijah. Most of the little dresses I found were from Gymboree, Gap, etc! So, so cute! I cant wait to dress her! The crowning glory was a pair of GREEN sandals. I also found a cute toy hippo Amelia can sit on and scoot herself around the floor. After leaving the sale I was on cloud nine cloud nine is the I found the BEST deals, even though I was in no need of any deals, but so what the deals were CUTE. My favorite cloudOn the way home I decided to feed my fettish and get some devil juice (aka Diet Coke) from McDonalds. Amelia was asleep so I went through the drive thru. I ordered my drink and politely asked for no ice. The attendant responded, we dont do dat here. Customer service? No, not here. I drove around and waited to payat that moment Amelia squeaked. My first thought was cool she is awake lets go in and make my drink to order. I pulled out of line and parked. The attendant started yelling at me, cussing and saying, you dont do dat here! I yelled to cancel my order or make my drink with no ice. We dont do dat here!!! I thought she was going to jump me! All the way home I laughed a nervous laugh pondering the complexities of customer service.

Miekka's sister, Marrisse and her 5 kids came over for a photo shoot Friday afternoon. I had so much fun photographing the kids. We tried several group shots then individuals of the kids. The littlest child is a two month old preemie named Kataya (spelling is slaughtered). I had a blast photographing her. Marrisse showed me how use the Moby Wrap she made. It is very similar to how the Cabo Verdians strapped their infants to their chest, side, or back. I want to make one now. It was much more forgiving on my back and shoulders than my front carrier is.
Saturday morning we drove up to Logan to visit our new nephew and my grandparents. We stopped for some lunch at Great Harvest Bread. Justin was watching Amelia while I filled our drinks. A little 4-year old boy at a neighboring table skipped over to Amelia and kissed her on the cheek. Justin said it was a cute moment!! Little Elijah iswell, very little. He now weighs about 5.08 lbs and is on oxygen. He is so delicate! Emma shared her crayons and toys with Amelia. It was nice to visit Scot and Raquel for an hour as well. Emma learned how to curtsey so showed off her talent a couple times. She is quite the talker now! About a year ago she hardly said a word to anyone. Emma and Amelia look quite a bit alike, especially in the eyes.

Amelia was really cute for my Grandparents. She stood at their coffee table jabbering away, delighting us all with smiles, laughter, giggles, and cheesy grins. Her little joyful soul seemed to bring a measure of sunshine to Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma was kind enough to offer me some fabric, buttons, and ribbon from her stash of craft supplies. I will definitely use it all. I love hugging my grandpahe smells like gasoline and motor oil!! I know that doesnt sound very comforting or even appropriate to say but he reminds me of a hard working man. I inherited my smile from Grandpa Baerwaldtthat is so precious to me. Grandma gives soft, deep hugs much like my mom. Oh, I miss my time with them. The three years I lived with them were good, precious years. Here I am tearing up thinking about them. Justin learned a valuable lesson last night. I put my crocheting down to do something. Amelia crawls over and picks up my skein of yarn and starts pulling it apart. Justin is watching her and makes no effort to stop her, instead walking away thinking about what would happen if he let her continue to ruin my yarn. I walk in a while later dismayed to see a tangled pile of yarn with an Amelia perched on the top. Justin comes in and confesses that he did not stop Amelia. First of all, confessing that he knew what she was doing is probably not the best move, even though I do admire his honesty. Later, as I am untangling the yarn, uttering soft threats to Justin about hating him, he claims that I dont hate him. Yes, I dont hate my husband, but I do hate that he watched her actively destroy my yarn. So, what did Justin learnNot to tell me he knew about the yarn. We will be revising that lesson learned!!

Today, Justin was called to be the ward Executive Secretary. Several members had bets going on that he would be the new Elders Quorum president! Ha, ha! Thwarted! I taught the RS lesson on Baptism and the HG from the Joseph Smith manual. One principle that Joseph clearly taught was that only two things separate our church from others: baptism and the gift of the HG. All other gospel principles, ordinances, covenants, etc are ALL encompassed in the gift of the HG. I never really thought about it so simply. However, the more I ponder that principle the more I agree. This evening we had a dinner group with two families from our ward. Dinner was hosted by Catherine and her husband, Jeff. They made a yummy pasta dish and salad. The other family brought bread. I made a real Italian crostata for dessert. It turned out really good. We all exchanged our how we met and married stories. Then I showed Catherine how to crochet part of a hat for her daughter. We had a really fun evening.

Thanks for reading.