19 September 2012

Some iPhone Pics

Bridgeport Lake

We were a bit stir crazy come Saturday morning. Decided to pay a visit to Bridgeport Lake since the weather was nice. The beach was almost deserted, except for the other people there. He he. The kids got down to business stuffing sand in places where sand should not reside, making sand castles, trenches, collecting shells, and splashing around. It was a perfect day to visit the beach...in the middle of Nebraska...in the middle of nowhere. Seth made a cool trench at water level so the pit of despair would fill with water. Pretty neat. Jacob was silently making hole after hole after hole. Everett and Phillip ate some sand, drank pond scum, and pretty much had a blast. The girls were off doing what girls do best.
Miekka decided her kids needed new photos...at 8:30 pm. They were not so happy about posing for me. Jakes was a bit cranky, poor kid. Mean ole Aunt Jenni made him smile more than is normal, my stupid jokes did not work either. Luckily, Miekka decided to stay an extra day. Hooray! We had a nice relaxing Sabbath. Justin grilled a delish pork loin smothered in chimichurri sauce. The kids were bribed into another photo session outside. Miekka stayed in the van while I harassed the kids. They are so darn cute. I feel sad we live so far away.
Monday we recovered from a long weekend. I dragged Phillip to the hospital so the vampire lab could draw some blood and then get a nice shot in me bum. That was so nice. Phillip told everyone, "I a Big Boy." At home I explained he was a baby because he wore diapers. Now he really wants underpants (sneaky, right?). We will keep pushing the baby diaper logic. I helped Kelly with a fun newborn session with a girl (squeal). Those are so fun! Yesterday we had a busy day with Romain and Cydahlee (3 yr old twins) over for half the day. Now we are all coming down with head colds. Dang it. I made a cute onesie for a newborn girl and finished Phillip's R2D2 shirt. He lubs his new shirt. Amelia started back with ballet lessons today. Tomorrow we will go get x-rays of her tummy to see if her bowels are clearing out a bit.

She Left Her Teeth in Nebraska...

Thursday Courtenay "let" me play photographer with little Emmaline. She is a cutie! At 5 weeks old posing her was a bit more challenging since she wanted to be awake. We had a morning, afternoon, evening, and night session! My favorite was stuffing Emmaline into the cargo pocket of John's uniform pants. She peed and pooped right in his pocket. Miekka and Court helped me from time to time. I took a break to volunteer some time in Amelia's classroom. She was very excited to have me there. I helped two kids at the reading station make an apple booklet. Courtenay wanted some family photos so we went out after dinner for a bit. The rest of the family went to play at the park.

I found Lia crying near the swings with a huge wad of napkins in her mouth. She somehow knocked out her Right front tooth and the one to the right of the front tooth. She only had a little swollen lip...and of course two missing teeth to show for her mishap. Miekka reported she went into shock for a couple seconds after realizing Lia lost her teeth. We could not find her missing teeth. Hopefully, their dentist in Utah will have more answers for them. Lia was a trooper. She barely cried, just snuggled with Lia. I loved how Seth read her stories and helped her eat a Popsicle. What a great big brother. We stayed up late chatting with John and Courtenay. I enjoyed getting to know Everett Sr a bit better. He actually touched my leg on purpose once. He is a cute kid who says the funniest quips.

John, Courtenay, Everett, and Emmaline left early Friday morning. They wanted to get to Kansas City before night fall.  The kids needed some down time. We had some lunch at McD just to get out of the house for a while. Miekka made a thrifted shirt into a skirt for Lia and appliqued a coordinating shirt. I made a Batman shirt for Phillip, repurposed a skirt to match a sweater for Mia, and started an R2D2 shirt for Phillip. Justin introduced the boys to Star Wars. He enjoys indoctrinating young kids into the force of Star Wars. Phillip calls Everett, "ooooo, tute, baby wookie!" He can also make a passable wookie call. Lia and Mia were joined at the hip after school. They had several tea parties with the set Lia scored from the Tooth Fairy. BTW: tooth fairy, you set the standards a bit high. Now Mia will expect awesome gifts AND money.

**Everett climbed up the stairs (twice) and fell down once. He learned how to climb up the slide part way also.

The Great Lance Sleepover of 2012


Not much is better than the chaos of visiting family. Wednesday seemed to drag along as we waited for John & Court plus kids and Miekka plus kids to arrive. I cleaned up around the house while we waited. The boys helped me unclean in the process. The weather was cool, windy, and rainy (as shown in my last post). A nice warm potato soup seemed to be a perfect choice. Boy, it was a good soup. I am not a fan of potato soup, but with enough cheddar and broccoli it was pretty tasty. The crowd showed up around 7 pm. We enjoyed a flurry of activity as everyone chose sleeping spots, ate, and played. The basement was a chaotic, joyful place to be. Phillip and Everett showed off their amazing Batman moves for me. Lia was a gorgeous rock star for a moment. I LOVE having folks visit. Come when you can!!!

Amelia woke me up around 11:30 with a really sore tummy. She moaned and cried/screamed for 30 minutes. Her lower left abdominal area had sharp pains. I figured she was really constipated but wanted to rule out more serious factors. I bundled her into a blanket and drove to the ER. She miraculously made a recovery 3 minutes into the drive. I ignored her recovery, knowing she would repeat her behavior at a much later hour. Amelia gets really silly when she is awake at odd hours. She raved about a calendar on the wall that read "P.A. The best assistant is the prompt assistant." She lay super still during the X-ray. Yep. I was right. That girl was chock full of poop. Her entire intestinal system was filled with round balls of poo. Most of the poo was dry and causing quite a bit of discomfort. The poo problem we have had is due to the deepest levels of poop that liquefy and trickle down and around all the other poop into her pants. Gross I know. Her X-Ray was super cool, she had poop balls all the way up under her ribs. The DR prescribed stool softeners, enemas, and fiber. Have you ever tried to give a 5 year old an enema...or a suppository. NOT fun. I am currently sneaking fiber powder into just about EVERYTHING she eats. Seems to me all the changes and stress with school created an anal retentive child.