05 July 2010

Independence Day--Sidney Style

I was soooo not in a patriotic mood yesterday...the 4th is my ultimate favorite holiday. The weather was dark and forboding, threatening rain and nasty hail. My head hurt terribly due to the weather pressure changes, the high was only 65 degrees. Yuck-o. I was so glad that the pork shoulder was all ready in the crock pot to plug in on Sunday morning. I am a horrible procrastinator when it comes to some things. We enjoyed long naps and then scurried around after 4:30 to clean a little and get ready for our little party. We invited three families over for dinner and fireworks. I made pulled pork simmered in onion and cumin rub, add warm tomato salsa, lime, sour cream, and cheese tortillas for a simply delicious meal. Maleia brought a watermelon and rice. Laurie brought a delicious dessert. We also had cherry limeade and fruit pizza! I remembered all the amazing Independence Day celebrations over my years as a military brat, the military sure knows how to celebrate the 4th. In comparision our holiday was filled with family phone calls, lots of good food, and wonderful friends. The rain finally came around 8:30 pm. We had about 4-5 inches of rainfall in less than an hour, the rain nearly surpassed the previous record set a month ago. Our guests had to swim out to their cars with goggles and golashes, hoping the rain had not reached car engines. Still our neighbors waited for the rain to drain, then enjoyed war-zone noise levels until after midnight. We sat in the garage and let Amelia do sparklers and Justin set off a couple small fireworks.

I am so grateful for our freedoms. I worry about our current political situation but know that we are in the Last Days. The best we can do for our freedom is to be righteous and ready to fight for our values and constitution. Our soldiers are doing an amazing job keeping up morale and fighting overseas.

Justin enjoyed the day off today. We stayed at home, napped, watched movies, played in the yard, crafted, and cleaned. I took apart a skirt made last month and divided it in half, the material was too stiff for the skirt I first sewed. It looks much better now. I also decorated a shirt to match some shorts found at the consignment store. Phillip napped from 9:30 until 1:30! He was one tired little boy. We went to the park to play, even Amelia was not in the mood to play. We did not stay long. She did ride her trike around the block twice. Justin was a sight to behold setting off the fireworks this evening. Nebraska allows some pretty spectacular fireworks. He had several that shot up super high. He had a blow torch in one hand and placed the firework with the other. Everyone is sporting some radical mosquito bites, all this moisture is not helping. On to another week!

PS: John and Courtenay welcomed little Everett Michael Lance, July 3rd, 12:58 pm. He weighed in at 9 lbs 01 oz, 21 inches long. John reports he has "big dogs" in other words, big feet. He is one cute little boy. Check out their blog for photos.

4th of July Party

Here are some photos from the party on Saturday evening. We had a good time! The jalapeno poppers were ah-mazing, just fresh jalapenos, cream cheese, and bacon. Amelia spent the first half of the party in my arms due to the number of dogs roaming around. I don't know what to do with her fear of animals. She finally sat down by herself to eat some food. Her little outfit was the talk of all the ladies, blushing with pride! I gave out several business cards. Last year we had a gorgeous double rainbow...this year we had another storm and double rainbow. So pretty. Amelia enjoyed playing with sparklers this year. Phillip was more interested in going to sleep (in his bed) than enjoying the pretty sky. I played with my new camera...nick-named Double OO7 for a little while.